We are a private management and production company in operation since 2010. We provide a variety of services including production and content of events, international retreats, and all aspects of psychic medium services for Author Riz Mirza exclusively.

We have a publishing company and music division. We provide our own content, advertisement and work in partnership with other creative teams. To send pitch ideas please go here.

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Riz & Oriah

A husband and wife team, Riz & Oriah Mirza opened their doors and hearts to the public Jan 2010 when they teamed up and realized they not only had very special chemistry but they had a message for the world. Both already working in the fields of spirituality and coaching, they combined their efforts and expertise in the Entertainment business and began to host hundreds of people a month in Malibu, CA from everything from healing journeys, to psychic sessions, healing sessions, weekend retreats for women and men in large groups, international retreats, books, radio interviews, youtube shows, music and so much more. This is how their production company came to be. They developed their own mission and brand and are excited to keep their clients and audiences excited to create their own worlds as magically as possible. 

Riz and Oriah have five children.

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Our vision has always been to help people to find their deepest core truth of who they are in their most magical self. But this expertise comes with a talented skill set. Riz is a master trance channel, psychic medium, and Shaman. Oriah is an intuitive empath and together they help to uncover and discovers people's fears and their blocks to they can be set free. They offer Healing Sound baths, in-person events, Monthly Channeled Circle of Light events, phone readings, and spirit paranormal cleansing (go to the light), and grief counseling with extensive mediumship work. To find out more, go here.

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