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“Life is a mystery only love can solve.” -Riz

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Riz is a speaker, shaman coach, international sacred tour guide, author and offers psychic medium workshops and readings

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Are You Ready to Experience the Power of Channeling?

We would like to invite you to watch Riz  for Gaia’s Channeling Conference: Voices From the Beyond in Boulder, Colorado, on September 23rd. At this event, 5 other renowned channelers and Riz will reveal convey psychic messages from the beyond while in altered states of consciousness. 


Riz will be opening the conference and channeling 3 guides in 90 min, here's a breakdown of what to expect:


Phineas- Tuning Our Inner Technology


-A regular speaker and guide through Riz. Phineas Quimby was foundational to the New Thought spiritual movement in one of his human incarnations and in another reincarnation was the son of Eleazar. His messages always lean towards the metaphysical, our core creation codes, how the mind-body connection works with beliefs, and ultimate freedom for all.


Caravaggio - Keys of Creative Flow


- Caravaggio was an Italian painter of the late 16th and early 17th centuries who became famous for the intense and unsettling realism in his art.
His messages are about the passion of our creations, the passion behind our emotions, and finding love and freedom in all of our creations.


Red Eagle - Overture of Eternal Truth


-Riz’s gatekeeper or main spirit guide that delivers individual messages to the individuals in the group. Red Eagle has been channeling only through Riz for 15 years. He also appears to Riz as a great old oak tree.  Chief Red Eagle, William Weatherford, also known as Lamochattee (Red Eagle), was a famous Creek chief. His messages are very practical in Human terms, like sitting with a wise elder grandfather. There is no subject he will not discuss, and you feel his steady loving hand to help guide humanity toward personal freedom.

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Shaman, Author & Mystic
Sacred Sites Tour Guide
Psychic Medium RIZ MIRZA



The Art of Merlin's Magic

In this course, you will hear from Merlin directly, through written transcriptions and channeled audio files.

Your guides Trance Channel Riz and Intuitive wife Lady O


Merlin is an inter-dimensional being who has channeled massive amounts of wisdom and magic to countless artists, channelers and beings throughout our human history. He was the first guide who came through Trance Channel Riz when Lady O met Riz and went to her very first ‘Circle of Light’ channeled gathering event in 2009. 


“I am so grateful for this incredibly beautiful and wonderful being (Merlin) who has helped me through so many trying times in my life." ~ Lady O

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Your Source for Metaphysics &  Higher Vibrational Living

Riz & oriah Sacred Earth Retreats in Ireland
Trance Channel Riz Mirza channeling by Pyramids
Trance Channel Riz Mirza blessing after Circle
Riz & oriah Mirza Sacred Earth Retreats
Trance Channel Riz channeling in irleand
Trance Channel Riz Mirza 2020 channeling Event
Black Marble

Welcome to PSYCHIC MEDIUM RIZ, THE Best Los Angeles Psychic!

Riz weaves practical, divine, magical, and powerful healing abilities into

your session so you can empower your life.


For over a decade, we have been helping
you to learn how to:

+ Raise your vibration

+ Connect to your Higher Self

+ Heal Your Past

+ Balance Your Energy Body

+ Learn to Meditate

+ Raise your Vibration/Heal your Body

+ Connect to Multi-Dimensional Realities

+ Align with Your Source

+ Multi-dimensional realities

+ Understand Your Past lives

+ Connect to Your Spirit Guides

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Many don't realize we are many things, but primarily we are an educational resource for spirituality and enlightenment. We have over a decade of channeled material in various formats, from paid learning modules to free video content, to many Live events from our public channeling Circle of Light in Santa Monica, to online Live channeled Circles, Live trance channeling interviews with Spirit Guides, to channeled books, guest podcast interviews, Psychic Sunday's Live Open Chat on Youtube and so much more. This newsletter will get you started if you haven't had a chance to check it out.
Another part of our Spiritual Education is our in personal shaman healing journeys with Riz. Many people from all over the US and abroad fly in or travel to us to experience this very special shamanic healing journey with Riz while on plant medicine while you heal your deepest wounds and trauma. There are hundreds of testimonials on Google and on the home page of our website of people sharing their appreciation. It has changed thousands of people's lives.
We also have the psychic mediumship side of our work, besides people getting messages with Riz with private readings to help find peace, many want to learn how to dive deeper into their psychic mediumship practice. Riz has put on many psychic workshops over the years in person and live online.
The foundation of our work is based on the wisdom teachings of the Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides that Riz channels. He has trance channeled a long list of Spirit Guides and is considered a Master Channel.
If you are going through Spiritual Death or ascension, want to enhance your spiritual enlightenment, be trained, go deeper, expand your consciousness, open your heart, heal your wounds and more you are in the right place.

"Riz does have the gift he has the ability to tell you things that only a select few should know. He is able to bring forth information from a higher plane and higher beings. It is truly unknown how people do this, I can only equate to Riz being a radio tuned into the proper frequencies. What comes out of this radio is life-changing."
Bryan Bowden

Trance Channel Riz Mirza channeling
Trance Channel Riz Mirza blessing people
During the Circle of Light w Riz Mirza
Trance Channel Riz Mirza
Channel Riz Mirza channeling
Full Moon Circle channeling with Riz Mirza




Riz Mirza has been trance-channeling numerous spirit guides who have helped heal and uplift thousands of people in over 2500 live full-trance channeled, weekly gatherings called the Circle of Light, with over 8,000 hrs of documented and recorded sessions to large groups.

For 15 years, Riz’s weekly live and in-person channeled spirit, the Circle of Light, has helped humanity answer every type of human concern. From individuals who want to explore their spiritual path to individuals who are experiencing extreme trauma and pain in their life come to the Circle of Light to receive wisdom, support, and clarity about their soul path, their situation, and most importantly how to surrender to their Higher Selves, and their highest potential. A one-of-a-kind event. 


Riz is one of the only​ ​psychic medium​/full trance channel/shamans that is known to channel publicly ​to live gatherings and online groups and give personal individual​ messages to each person regarding their soul path and answering their personal questions while in trance through various Spirit Guides.  He is considered a master trance channel.


A unique trance channel that channels multiple Ascended Spirit Guides for 15 years, the guides are known to channel through Riz advanced practical and loving advice regarding Humankind’s understanding of the:


  • Body

  • Health

  • Personal soul path

  • Conscious creation

  • Mental health

  • Creativity

  • Career

  • Relationships

  • Personal growth

  • Mediumship from souls who are on the Other Side

  • Multi-Dimensional understanding

  • Living High Vibrational

  • Finding Peace

  • Serving Others & Gratitude

  • Find Your True Potential

  • And much, much more 

We have beginners, and advanced students and healers at every level who work with us; therapists, psychologists, teachers, addiction center therapists, healers, and more. We do not avoid the practical reality of life while keeping true to our own connections to the other realms, we help guide you in these areas.

"We keep the spiritual real, and the real spiritual."

-Riz and Oriah

We are twin flames and exploded in memories of our lives together within a few days of meeting, such is the case with all twin flames meeting. Riz from NY and Oriah from LA, a mother of five children. We immediately got to work being of service to the world. We do not try to separate ourselves from anyone, we are a brotherhood and sisterhood with all of humanity.

We keep our doors open and accept all people from every background around the world.


We look to show you the powerful creators you are. More than anything, we help you feel the love within yourselves. 

Transcripts are available for past services here.

Mountain background Riz & oriah
Riz & oriah's crystals
Riz & oriah's crystals
Psychic Riz Mirza and wife Wisdom Teacher Oriah Mirza
Riz & Oriah Mirza's books

About Us

Wisdom Teachers & Mystics

Meet your Wisdom Teachers, authors, Riz Mirza and Oriah Mirza. Riz Mirza is an internationally known Full MasterTranceChannel and Psychic Medium.

Oriah is a Highly Intuitive Empath, artist and mother of five. Together they have dedicated their lives to helping people find their Higher Purpose and heal from pain and suffering. 

They are known for their contemporary but otherworldly approach and Riz has channeled to thousands of people in his Circle of Light gatherings around the world along with his in-depth and healing mediumship sessions.

The 9 Keys book by Riz Mirza
Circle of Light (Full Moon Circle with Riz Mirza) in Malibu, CA
Circle of Light ( with Riz Mirza) in Malibu, CA
Circle of Light (with Riz Mirza) in Malibu, CA
Circle of Light ( with Riz Mirza) in Malibu, CA
Circle of Light (with Riz Mirza) in Malibu, CA
Sacred Earth Retreat w Riz & Oriah in Egypt



Riz & oriah Shaman Gear

Riz channeling Red Eagle at the end of the Circle of Light in North Hollywood, and an energy clearing commences after 3 hours of channeling messages to each person.

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