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I can't really say I grew up and lived a normal life. Each chapter of my life felt like a full lifetime or a movie, which I know is hard to believe, but true, and the thriller, sci-fi, action-packed, dark comedy-drama kind. I've shared my story before, and people start checking out less than half way through, because they cannot believe I survived any of it. Neither can I, but here I am! The natural course of action has been for me to help people understand how not to give up, and how to find other ways to find solutions....and bottom line, how to find peace in your journey.

I have been a life coach for 20 years, an entrepreneur since 2003. I raised five children, healed numerous ailments, recovered from several divorces and spent the last decade taking groups on international sacred tours with my husband Riz. I helped him create, and we both own and operate our metaphysical center for over a decade and both serve the community as shamans, speakers, authors, video content creators, producers, and more. 

To find out more about what I do, go here. 

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About Oracle Oriah



Welcome to my little slice of heaven! My husband Psychic Medium and Trance Channel Riz Mirza   and I  have been serving the greater Los Angeles area and Internationally as Shamans, Mystics and Healers for over a decade. We both have incredible stories of our life that we have had to heal ourselves through trauma, loss and more. Through Riz's trance channeling of the Spirit Guides privately and publicly in large groups,  to working alongside him (and also the guides themselves) leading people in Shamanic journeys for many years combined with my years of life coaching, I have organically become a professional Intuitive Empathic Wisdom Teacher, a profession not acknowledged by mainstream society yet.


I consider myself a futurist, a wisdom teacher, who works only with the most cutting edge, futuristic new beliefs for new refreshed and powerful thinking. I live my teachings, and share personal stories along with HOW you can easily transform your own life.

We are still on the fringe, aren't we? But, my prediction is that these types of professions will be the main sources of education and healing for the world in the future. Due to demand, traditional means of healing and therapy has become limited and people are seeking for more. 

My husband Riz and I founded our media and production company, Red Eagle Universal, to publish our works widely through online videos, social media outreach, books, transcripts and audio wisdom teachings. We do live events and retreats around the world. To find out more in-depth about what my work and my books, please go here.

To watch my extraterrestrial alien encounter go here.

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