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No Refund Policy

Welcome to Riz Mirza Mystic House. We’re glad you’re here.

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy our services, but please make sure you follow our house rules. Read carefully.

Effective Jan 2016 (updated 2023)

Refund Fraud

Notice: Since the pandemic, service providers in every profession are noticing unusual behavior regarding refunds.


Customers or Clients are getting services, buying services, and requesting refunds if services are already given or not. For example, there have been many reports of people getting beauty services, like hairstyles and coloring services and then right away within 24 hours asking for a refund. Every profession is reporting high numbers of this type of refund fraud. We have tightened our policies as well, since it started happening to us after the pandemic. 


PAYMENT DEADLINE Businesses can not operate in this current panic state, so any purchases you make are final. You agree to T & C when you make a purchase and it is stated everywhere on our site. We have deadlines we have to meet for our retreats, so if we ask you to have a payment by a deadline, this is normal business practice. Any potential clients that are impatient or rude in any way during any interactions with us will be denied access to all retreats.


RETREAT PAYMENTS Most people do not know what it entails to book a large group retreat n advance, so payments from you in advance is important so we can secure the trip. We have had some negative remarks about this, from people who do not understand, and in our point of view, it shows disrespect for doing business with a professional company. This type of harassment is not necessary. We are not a travel company. We are offering spiritual tours as a guide/operator.

COVID No one is responsible for getting Covid, us, you or anyone. If it happens, we have to work around it, work through it and adjust. There is no choice. You are responsible for your own decision to follow any rules, regulations or guidelines of any state, local government or country protocols.


RETREAT CANCELLATIONS If you or Riz & Oriah Mirza cannot attend or enter an event (that has requirements) or country because of a positive Covid test, you/we are responsible for any fees that occur from this situation. We all have to take care of our own situation.  Please understand, we are all in this together. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances happen that have prevented a retreat from occouring. It has only happened a couple times in ten years. One was when there was lock-down in Japan for example.


If Riz & Oriah cancel a retreat for any reason, there will be provisions, allocations, and a re-working of how to make that retreat or another retreat happen.



Effective Jan 2016 (updated 2023)



All sales are final for classes, retreats, and events.  No refunds will be given for any services. Your agreement and signature are an agreement to these terms. Our non-tangible services are delivered with the highest integrity and are invaluable in changing people's lives with over a decade of transformation. Your desire to change is your own, your emotional state and condition in which you purchase any ticket is your own decision.


As you know people change their minds, life events occur and in a highly sensitive space such as personal transformation sometimes requests are made for refunds. Because of the way we schedule, how we operate and run our business model, and the number of clients we have-if we were to give refunds to every person who changes their mind we would not have a business or healing service to offer you.

We also would not be able to offer the one-on-one private care that we do. If you cannot or do not wish to partake in the service you already purchased, you may request a transfer to another service we offer or consider it a donation to someone else who really could use it whether referred through you or from our roster of interested folks. 


By booking and attending any Riz Mirza classes, events, and local and international retreats you acknowledge that you have read the Terms & Conditions and the disclaimers contained therein and that you accept and agree to be bound by the terms thereof.

People attending any events that Psychic Medium Riz Mirza hosts and performs understand that the event organizers and/or property owners have the right to remove from the event and property anyone whom they feel is threatening the safety of the attendees or the environment of peaceful community that we are fostering. You will not be refunded.

As these policies are publicly visible and available, it is understood that anyone attending Riz Mirza sessions, channeling gatherings, classes, and events do so with the acknowledgment that she/he has read the above waiver, understands its meaning and legal implications, and agrees fully to the terms and conditions stipulations herein.

We may amend these policies from time to time.  Changes to these policies will be posted on our website visible at all times, and at check out. If you create a chargeback, your bank and our payment processor will be informed of your agreement to our policies. We encourage you to review our policies periodically because by visiting our website you agree to accept any such changes.


Due to the high number of attendants and frequency of our retreats, it is very important when you book your retreat that you understand there are no cancellations and refunds, but you can transfer your payment to another service. If you cannot attend for some unforeseen reason, you will forfeit your ticket and there are no refunds. Plans and bookings are made months in advance and so are ticket purchases, so be aware of this. More goes into the planning than just booking a hotel. Traveling with Riz Mirza is an Experience. Your booking is in agreement to this information. 

While state laws primarily govern the issue of returned merchandise, there's no federal law that requires a merchant to refund money. Per most state laws, refunds are subject to the established (online) store refund policy at the time of purchase, unless the product purchased is found to be unfit for the purpose of which it was intended and proof would have to be made if it is a tangible item. A customer changing his or her mind after making a purchase, such as deciding they want a bigger television screen, is not the fault of the merchant and the merchant cannot be held responsible. If a person doesn't like the taste of the ice cream cone they purchased, they cannot ask for a refund in most businesses across the United States unless that store policy has provisions or are a larger franchise.

No Refund Policy for Digital Products

Due to the non-returnable nature of digital products, once they’re downloaded, there are no refunds. 

United States

While there are no federal refund laws in the US, many state laws don’t legally require refunds, instead, allowing businesses to set their own refund policy.

Right to Refuse Service

As stated in Terms & Conditions, we have a right to refuse service to anyone that we deem is not a good match for our collaboration or work together as a teacher and student or travel companion. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Important Information: We are a family-run business that operates from the highest integrity, due to past experiences, we do not accept clients who are actively suffering from serious mental instability, on drugs & alcohol and on psychotropic pharmaceuticals. It poses a risk to our family, as we do deep healing work, and we always have members of our family working, present and accompanying all healing journeys. Please consult your mental health professional for healing services. We have unfortunately had to turn away these types of clients, and have experienced threatening situations posed to us as a result of trying to help these individuals. We are not a mental health facility. If you are dealing with severe childhood abuse, please seek the help of a licensed therapist because we have experienced being at risk when our clients are in past recall. We have to protect our business and our family. Our clients have a wonderful experience, but these other clients unfortunately are too unstable.


"All disputes arising out of this agreement shall be submitted to final and binding arbitration. The arbitrator shall be selected in accordance with the rules of Arts Arbitration and Mediation Services, a program of California Lawyers for the Arts. If such services are not available, the dispute shall be submitted to arbitration in accordance with the laws of the State of California. The arbitrator's award shall be final, and judgment may be entered upon it by any court having jurisdiction thereof." 

We make sure that verbal communication of these policies is offered in writing and is provided and you agree to terms and conditions means you understand them.

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