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Riz's calendar is bookings for ONLY 30 minute readings. please read info below carefully.

Sessions are psychic mediumship readings conducted by phone only.

Riz will call you at the number you provide when you complete your booking at the link below. 
We will make 2 attempts to call you at your reading time, if you do not answer or are more than 5 minutes late, you will need to reschedule, as we have back-to-back sessions and you lose your paid booking. 
here for Terms & Conditions. No refunds.

$200 FOR 30 MIN ONLY. 
You cannot book two 30-minute sessions in a row.
We do not accept CHECKS. 

To schedule your reading:

Book yourself by Clicking here to pick the next available date & Make Your Payment following the instructions on the submission form. We accept Venmo or Zelle only. No credit cards.
(If you see a message that says no dates are available for that month, then click next to see the next month until you reach the next available date.)

IMPORTANT - your booking is not confirmed until you have paid. make sure you do both steps. we cannot hold reservations due to high demand.
Riz does not channel guides for these readings

“I was seriously blown away by Red Eagle. I’ve been a metaphysician all my life, and witnessed numerous channels, who, honestly, did not impress me. You’re having channeled Red Eagle gave me a new take on having witnessed a truly inspiring and moving phenomenon.”

— Diana A 

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