“I was seriously blown away by Red Eagle. I’ve been a metaphysician all my life, and witnessed numerous channels, who, honestly, did not impress me. You’re having channeled Red Eagle gave me a new take on having witnessed a truly inspiring and moving phenomenon.”

— Diana A 


If you are looking for help or support in finding more clarity in your choices, and how to find more freedom in your everyday life and expression, Riz has decades of experience guiding people through their own self created matrix until they find their peace.


A gifted clairvoyant, medical intuitive, psychic medium and full trance channel, Riz Mirza has vast experience in helping you connect to yourself and others. Reservations and payments required in advance to hold your date. All sessions are non-refundable. As demand is quite high, new readings are being booked via waitlist according to your place in line.