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Using a Computer

Only 4 Summer Sunday Nights


Riz will be channeling Red Eagle and a second Spirit Guide.


July 2nd-Red Eagle  MESSAGE TIX SOLD OUT  

To purchase previously recorded.

July 9th- Phineas Quimby & Red Eagle MESSAGE TIX  SOLD OUT

To purchase previously recorded.

July 16th Red Eagle MESSAGE TIX  SOLD OUT

To purchase previously recorded.


To purchase previously recorded.

An hour to an hour and a half channeling event, 10 people can ask for messages and the remainder can sit in and watch, it will be an online experience with just you, your computer, and the channel, in the comfort of your own home. International viewers are invited!

You will send your question ahead of time to if you have a Message Ticket, your message will be read out loud to Spirit Guide while Riz is in trance and will be answered by the guide.

$10  for viewers attending

$40  to receive one message (10 people limit) sold out

* If you are out of our time zone and cannot watch live, and want a message you can buy a message ticket and once you send us the question, we will ask the question for you. We will save the event and send you a link so you can watch.

Please submit your ONE question by 12 pm noon, July 2nd PST. If you do not send us your question, we will just ask if there is a message for you and give your first name.

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