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For 15 years, Riz’s weekly live and in-person channeled spirit, the Circle of Light, has helped humanity answer every type of human concern. From individuals who want to explore their spiritual path to individuals who are experiencing extreme trauma and pain in their life come to the Circle of Light to receive wisdom, support, and clarity about their soul path, their situation, and most importantly how to surrender to their Higher Selves, and their highest potential. A one-of-a-kind event. 




(It has changed for people who are used to the old way)


Live Stream


(Information provided soon but you can RSVP)

Attend Live Event with No Personal Messages:


Attend Live Event with Messages (first 12 only)


Get Tix


We cannot always get to the emails when you send them if it is time sensitive, this is why it is super important you read these facts to answer your questions in advance. Thank you!



Can I watch it still if I missed it?

All of the opening channeled messages are live-streamed and recorded and will be available a few days after the event if you missed it, it will be emailed to you.


It was cutting in and out, I missed some of it.

Your internet signal determines how clear your streaming is. If it is not strong, it can be choppy or you can miss parts. The recording in studio is clear, and you will get the complete copy if you weren't able to hear the entire thing.

It is the correct time to start but it hasn't started yet, did I miss it?

There is about a 10 min delay but will go live when Riz introduces himself.

How many guides channel?

There is usually one guide or sometimes two who give an opening message.

Why can't I hear the messages to people, it stopped.

When the messages start, the live stream will be over for privacy reasons, people do not want their personal questions and answers on live stream.

~If however, you are able to attend the in-person you will be able to buy a message ticket (which is limited) or just an attendance but no message ticket (which is unlimited).

Where is my link?

You will get the link to access the live streaming a few days to the same day before the event when we get it from Ra Ma yoga. It will be sent to the email address you used to purchase the event ticket through Stripe and will be coming from


I have an in-person ticket, is there blankets, chairs, or cushions?

No, you must bring your own. If you bring a chair, please seat in the back so that you do not block anyone’s view.

It says sold out, can I still attend and get a message?

If it says Sold Out for message tickets, there are no message tickets left. There is no waiting list for messages. There is no option to upgrade from a non-message to a message ticket. Even if it is an emergency, many of the people attending have emergencies but rest assured many of the messages can help you a lot. If you need in-depth psychic mediumship, you can book a reading with Riz.

What is the benefit of a non-message ticket?

Many people derive great benefit from listening to the messages and questions of others. We often have the same questions and the message for one person deeply resonates for another. We find that each circle has a theme and everyone who comes is experiencing similar themes and feelings in their life at that time. 

How will the guide know I have a message ticket?
We seat the people with message tickets in the first two rows so the guide will know to call on you. You do not need to raise your hand. 

What if I got a message ticket and the guide doesn’t come to me? 
Sometimes though rarely, the guide will not call on you. This usually happens if they can’t see you if you have moved or come in and out of the room. When this happens, you just need to raise your hand at the end of the Circle when Red Eagle asks who is left and he will come to you. 

When do I arrive?

Doors open 15 minutes before the event start time. Doors close at event start time. No late arrivals. 

Where is it located?

Location is RA Ma Yoga Center 1721 21st Santa Monica, CA

Can I get a message if it says Sold Out?

In-person message tickets must be purchased in advance. We sell out for message tickets weeks in advance so no message tickets are available for purchase at the event.

If it says it's sold out, can I still attend?

If you are wanting to purchase a non-message ticket, you may do so at the event before the start time the same day.

Bathroom Etiquette
Please use the restroom before or upon arrival. There are only two restrooms onsite. Once the opening meditation begins, we ask that you remain seated until the personal messages have begun.

Leaving the room (including bathroom)

Once the personal messages have begun, you may get up and leave the room if needed. Once Red Eagle has reached the last person, please remain seated until Riz is back in the body and has told everyone that the Circle is over.  It is a very delicate process for Riz to re enter into the body, after so many hours, so please be mindful of the process and remain still during the transition.

Room temperature

The room is climate controlled but large. We recommend bringing light layers to accommodate any temperature changes.


Water & tea

There is water for purchase and complimentary tea onsite. You are welcome to bring a water bottle. 



Parking is available in front of and behind the studio. We recommend Uber and carpooling as there are limited spaces available.


Recording the session

You may record the circle on audio (voice memo) only. We recommend you record so that you can listen to your message or the messages of others later.

Can I take photos or video?

Photos and videos are not permitted during the Circle of Light. You are welcome to take photos before or after the event, and please tag us if you do!

Can I post my message or the recording online?
Your message is not to be posted online, it is for your private use. 
Likewise, we do not authorize posting the recording of anyone’s message online due to privacy reasons. 

No food or snacking.

If you have a health issue, let us know, the crinkling of the bag of food is always distracting when it is very quiet in the room, people are concentrating because this is a deep spiritual experience for people. 

How can I connect with Riz after the event?

We love to connect with you! Please feel free to say hello to Riz after the event! We offer many opportunities to work with Riz more deeply including one-on-one shamanic work, phone readings, and retreats around the country and the world! If you’re interested in working with Riz and would like more information, please see Erika after the circle and she will connect you with any information you need on our services. Or peruse through the website to see what benefits you or check out our YouTube channel.

Who is Erika?
This is Riz’s assistant who is there to greet you and assist with the Circle. She works closely with Riz and his wife Oriah for ten years and handles a large number of people on a daily basis. Please let her g
uide you and support you so you can have your best experience. A little smile goes a long way. :)

What is Ra Ma Yoga?

Ra Ma Institute is the premier center of kundalini yoga in Santa Monica with many offerings, classes and events. We are happy to partner with Ra Ma as one of our hosts for presenting the Circle of Light in person on a regular basis.

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