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 INDIA 2025

5-day Healing Immersion Jan 3-8th 2025

Yoga in Bamboo House

Welcome to 5 days and nights of pure rejuvenation for the body, mind and soul in amazing India.

Imagine immersing yourself in the transformative power of yoga in Goa, Indias famed southern coast, where the journey of wellness for your body, mind, and spirit unfolds amidst ancient wonders and cultural richness. 

Your week resetting yourself and healing surrounded  by Goa's sacred landscape, not just its beaches but also its Hindu temples, historic forts, cathedrals, and whispering palm trees, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and historical depth. Going in January will offer you the best weather as well. 

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Taj Mahal

Immerse your spirit in  wellness & serenity 

Your peaceful and serene experience will include 

- Daily yoga morning and evening Yin Yoga with the ocean as your backdrop on a private beach 
- Meditation and Mindfulness practice 
- Channeling Psychic Circles with Riz delivering messages from your Spirit Guides
-  5 Star accommodations with breakfasts included 
- guided historic site tours  
- Spiritual Rebirth workshop with Oriah

-Intuitive Astrology session with Erika Merriweather

This holistic approach ensures you leave Goa not just refreshed but also re-centered, with a renewed sense of connection to yourself and the world around you.

Deep Soul Healing

  • Develop Powerful Tools for Self-Healing and Transformation

  • Experience True Inner Freedom and Fulfillment

  • Receive clarity on your soul's path and the direction you're meant to take.

  • Discover Your Path to Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Freedom

  • Learn techniques and practices to support your journey long-term.

  • Break free from limitations and step into your highest potential.

 Awaken Yourself:

Immerse yourself in a sanctuary of healing with twice-daily yoga, deeply restorative guided meditations, and nurturing support. Connect with your inner wisdom through channeled messages during evening Circles of Light with Riz Mirza. Discover profound healing and release with trauma support and wellness guidance from Riz & Oriah.

Unwind and deepen your practice amidst the serene beauty of Goa, India. Imagine flowing through yoga poses on a pristine beach, surrounded by lush greenery and the calming rhythm of the waves. Twice-daily yoga, guided meditations, and loving support await...

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Yoga Twist

Things to know~

Nestled along India's western coast, Goa is the country's smallest yet most inviting state. It's a land of vibrant contrasts, where golden beaches meet lush landscapes and a unique blend of Indian and Portuguese heritage comes to life.

Single and Double rooms available.  A 5 star retreat resort experience. 

Please book your flight to arrive at Goa International Airport (GOI)

Visa is required for entering India.

Please ensure you have a valid passport Indian tourist visa before you arrive. Kindly contact the Indian embassy in your country for the guidelines & prices

You'll find everything you need close by! The local town offers banks, ATMs, a well-stocked supermarket, and pharmacies. On Saturdays, a vibrant fruit and vegetable market brings fresh flavors. Patnem's high street adds internet cafes, money exchange, travel agents, and shops for clothing, souvenirs, and daily necessities.


Dive into the magic of Goa

You'll be nourished by the distinctive flavors of Goan cuisine, where fresh coconut curries, spicy seafood, and local delicacies become a daily celebration of life's simple pleasures. 

Coconut curry dishes are a cornerstone of many cuisines around the world, celebrated for their rich flavors and creamy textures. Here are some amazing coconut curry dishes that delight the palate:


**Goan Fish Curry**: A staple in Goa, this dish combines fresh, local seafood with a spicy and tangy coconut curry sauce. The curry is made with ground coconut, coriander seeds, tamarind, and a blend of traditional Indian spices, creating a harmonious balance of flavors.

Beyond the culinary journey, the temples and cathedrals of Goa are a testament to the region's rich cultural and historical heritage:


- **Shri Mangueshi Temple**: One of Goa's most beautiful temples, dedicated to Lord Shiva, stands out with its distinctive seven-story deepa stambha (lamp tower) at the gate, intricate carvings, and the serene ambiance of its water tank. It's a fine example of traditional Goan temple architecture.

Music to enjoy
Henna Hands
Register for Yoga Wellness Retreat 
with Riz & Oriah in GOA
Shared Room: $5250 per person 
*Shared room applies to couples & friends/family
who wish to room together.
We also welcome solo travelers
who wish to do a shared room,
and we will assign a roommate of the same gender. 
Solo Room: $7250 for single occupancy
*please be sure to read form in its entirety before submitting*


*Flight from US is not included and is purchased individually.

*Includes all activities, hotel accommodation and breakfast, classes, workshops, events, and transportation within Goa. Does not include meals besides breakfast. 

*We accept Zelle & Wire Transfer only for payment. 

*Payment plans available for 50% deposit down and the balance in 30 days. The reason why we require payment in advance is because all hotels and reservations in Goa need to be booked several months in advance at a minimum. 

*Submission of this form is for reservation requests only, once submitted, you will be contacted by Erika at to complete payment and registration. 

*We will provide orientation information in detail prior to departure for visas, travel info, and how to prepare for India. 

To see our other retreats, go here.

Read terms & conditions and refund policy before purchasing. Your submission of this form is an agreement to terms and conditions.

Thanks for submitting! Please check your email for next steps! 

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