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March 27-30th 2025

May 19-22nd 2025 *OPEN

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Your hosts

Riz & Oriah



Come alone or bring your family!

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Are you going through a spiritual death & rebirth, do you need support?

Let Master Shaman Riz walk you through the next shift of your life.

In the heart of the vortex of Sedona, where the earth pulses with ancient wisdom and the spirit realm whispers its secrets, Riz, a master trance channel and shaman, invites you on a transformative journey of spiritual rebirth. Immerse yourself in the sacred embrace of nature, where the majestic red rock formations serve as silent guardians of your healing journey.

Under Riz's compassionate guidance, you'll embark on a profound exploration of self, tapping into the depths of your being to uncover the true essence of your soul. Through a harmonious blend of traditional shamanic practices, plant medicine, and channeled messages, Riz will gently guide you through a process of deep healing and spiritual awakening.

Plant medicine, a sacred gift from the earth, will serve as a catalyst for your transformation, opening your mind and heart to profound insights and revelations. As you connect with the wisdom of the plants, you'll be guided to release limiting beliefs, heal past wounds, and embrace your authentic self.

Throughout this immersive retreat, Riz will lead you through powerful ceremonies and rituals, drawing upon his deep connection to the spirit realm and his mastery of trance channeling. In these sacred spaces, you'll connect with your spirit guides, receive channeled messages, and experience profound energetic shifts that will set you on a path of lifelong transformation.

Prepare to embark on a journey that transcends the boundaries of ordinary reality, where you'll connect with your true essence, awaken your inner healer, and discover the profound depths of your soul. With Riz as your guide, you'll embark on a transformative journey of spiritual rebirth, returning to the world with a renewed sense of purpose, clarity, and peace.

This special fall retreat with Psychic Medium and Shaman Riz Mirza retreat is

3-night all-inclusive experience. You will be responsible for your own transport to and from Sedona.

LOCATION: The owners request privacy for their tenants and ask not to give the address out until the date.

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Red Eagle leading everyone in a healing after the Circle of Light

-go to our instagram for more photo's @psychic_riz_the_wiz and @oriahmirza

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3 Days & 2 nights of full Shamanic healing immersion in the beautiful vortex of Sedona, Arizona.
Flexible schedule, slight variations may occour

Day One

  • Spring Equinox Blessing Message  Circle of Light with Red Eagle  Sound Healing with Micro Journey

  • Dinner

  • Group Fire Ritual and Spiritual Chord Cutting to release past blocks and ties to that which does not serve us any longer

Day Two


  • Morning meditation and chakra alignments

  • Breakfast

  • Hike to Sedona Energy vortexes - Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa  

  • Channeling at Vortex with Red Eagle

  • Lunch

  • Psychic Development and Channeling Workshop

  • Dinner

  • Second night

Day Three

  • Morning Meditation and Breathwork

  • Breakfast

  • Creating your Reality workshop with group questions and answers

  • Lunch

  • Nature walk with Red Eagle channeling

  • Early Dinner

  • Final day healing journey with sound healing and closing ritual

  • End

  • Third night

Day Four

* pack up after breakfast and enjoy a wonderful day exploring Sedona

During the stay, healing sound musicians, yoga, heart-opening exercises, recreation, and hiking will be interspersed.

We encourage you to read our Terms & Conditions prior to signing up for a retreat, as you will be required to agree to them in order to register. 

Sedona Retreat with Riz Mirza 2023
Sedona Retreat with Riz Mirza 2023
Sedona Retreat with Riz Mirza 2023

Your Guides:

For 15 years, Riz’s weekly live and in-person channeled event, the Circle of Light, has helped humanity answer every type of human concern. From individuals who want to explore their spiritual path to individuals who are experiencing extreme trauma and pain in their life come to the Circle of Light to receive wisdom, support, and clarity about their soul path, their situation, and most importantly how to surrender to their Higher Selves, and their highest potential. 

Riz is one of the only​ ​psychic medium​/full trance channel/shamans that is known to channel publicly ​to live gatherings and online groups and give personal individual​ messages to each person regarding their soul path and answering their personal questions while in trance through various Spirit Guides. He is considered a Master Trance Channel.

Riz Mirza has been trance-channeling numerous spirit guides who have helped heal and uplift thousands of people in over 2500 live full-trance channeled, weekly gatherings called the Circle of Light, with over 8,000 hrs of documented and recorded sessions to large groups. ​ A one-of-a-kind event. To learn more about the Circle of Light, go here.


Wife and co-teacher who attends some of the Sedona retreats:

Oriah Mirza is an author, speaker, shaman and trauma life coach and mother of five children. An alien experiencer, intuitive empath, and futurist Oriah gives humanity hope in understanding the conscious evolution on the planet. Married to renowned and top full trance channel and psychic medium Riz Mirza. Oriah has spoken around the world in Women's Leadership conferences, workshops, group retreats, and one-on-one private sessions for over a decade. Oriah Mirza, intuitive empath and futurist.

Book Your Spot Now
Limited spaces available

$2495 per person (couples) for a shared room
(share a bed)
$4295 Per person for solo room

Notes: *You may book with a friend or family member and share a room at $2495 each, but you would be sharing a bed. If you want your own room and bed, you can only book a solo room. 

We accept payment through Venmo, select Manual Payment at checkout. 

**Update: You understand and agree that there may be 3 same-sex people per room in these private rental homes, sharing a bathroom. 
Once you submit your form, Erika will be contacting you with the email you signed up with and schedule your payment. We only accept Zelle and Venmo.

If you have any questions, contact

Thanks for submitting!

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