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Riz Mirza, a renowned Psychic Medium and Trance Channel, has been delivering live trance-channeled messages to groups of 25-40 people for over a decade. His sessions cover health, soul paths, mental health, career, and personal growth, providing accurate and profound insights. The Private Circle of Light offers a special event to connect with like-minded individuals through meditation, channeled messages, and healing energy, fostering peace and joy. You can host a private Circle for an intimate group of ten or more.

"Riz and Red Eagle have a gift that is beyond words. The insights and messages I received during the Circle of Light were profound and transformative. I left feeling healed and uplifted." ~ Mike R

Riz Mirza, a master Trance Channel and Psychic Medium, offers a unique spiritual experience by channeling messages from master Spirit Guides. In deep trance, his primary guide, Red Eagle, provides profound insights and answers to personal questions. These sessions not only enlighten and heal participants but also enhance their spiritual growth and decision-making. The Circle of Light concludes with an energy healing activation, leaving guests with a deep sense of peace about the future. With over 8,000 hours of channeling experience, Riz is renowned for his exceptional abilities and transformative sessions.

"Attending the Circle of Light was one of the most powerful spiritual experiences of my life. Riz’s channeling of Red Eagle provided answers and guidance that I had been seeking for years. I am incredibly grateful for the experience." ~Emily T

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