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"Always right on! Your genuine caring nature is beautiful Riz. Always straight forward with guidance and very clear. I’ve taken your advice and views and remind myself of what I learned when faced with various life happenings."

- Michele M


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Riz's Story
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Riz Mirza has been trance-channeling numerous spirit guides who have helped heal and uplift thousands of people in over 2500 live full-trance channeled, weekly gatherings called the Circle of Light, with over 8,000 hrs of documented and recorded sessions to large groups.

For 15 years, Riz’s weekly live and in-person channeled spirit, the Circle of Light, has helped humanity answer every type of human concern. From individuals who want to explore their spiritual path to individuals who are experiencing extreme trauma and pain in their life come to the Circle of Light to receive wisdom, support, and clarity about their soul path, their situation, and most importantly how to surrender to their Higher Selves, and their highest potential. A one-of-a-kind event. 


Riz is one of the only​ ​psychic medium​/full trance channel/shamans that is known to channel publicly ​to live gatherings and online groups and give personal individual​ messages to each person regarding their soul path and answering their personal questions while in trance through various Spirit Guides. He is considered a Master Trance Channel.





Riz, an Indian-born NYC city-raised 80's former Heavy Metal musician at 6'3 from the Bronx, with a large personality and a warm brotherly heart has dedicated his life to helping people from every walk of life. He enters into a deep trance and retreats within as master Spirit Guides speak through his body with love, wisdom, and powerful piercing insight. His main message bearer, Red Eagle an unforgettable loving presence, answers your personal questions on any aspect of your life. He jokes 'you get two Indians for the price of one."

Here is a small portion of the list of some of the other guides that Riz has channeled publicly, some are transcribed here

  • Red Eagle

  • Elijah

  • Isaiah

  • Emmanuel

  • Thomas Jefferson

  • Serapis Bay

  • Eleazar

  • Hippocrates

  • Elohim

  • Merlin

  • Gabriel

  • Sebastian Bach

  • Copernicus

  • Phineas Quimby

  • Philo

  • Cerrienunos

  • Helios

  • Agamemnon

  • Edgar Allen Poe

  • Jane RobertsRobert Edward Stevenson 

  • Pheanestra

  • Kepler

  • Oden

  • Demetrius

  • Jeremiah

  • Caravaggio

  • Arch Angel Gabriel

  • Thomas Edison

  • King Arthur

  • Charlie Chaplin

  • The Echelon

  • Charles Dickens

  • Arch Angel Raphael

  • Titus

  • Beethoven

  • Queen Guinevere & King Arthur

  • Princess Diana 

  • Helen Keller 

  • Martha Washington

  • King Alfred

  • Langston Hughes

  • Calamity Jane

  • Porcia 

  • (fuller list under Events page)

All aspects of life, love, consciousness, and how to live a fuller, deeper, more vibrant existence are discussed. Personal questions are answered. People laugh, cry and are awakened by the guidance and clarity. The Circle of Light brings people together.

"It was a chance encounter with a wonderful medium named Alex Murray in New York City who channeled a prophetic message to me through a Spirit Guide. The message was that I myself was a psychic channel and my path in life was to teach people about spirituality and deliver psychic messages to them.

At the time I was pursuing my career as an artist, I sang, acted and wrote music. I was performing internationally and throughout this time I kept my “awakening” secret.


As a teenager and a young man, I often knew the outcomes of certain events and relationships. I saw visions of people I knew in different bodies, experiencing things they were repeating in this life in one way or another. I had no guru to guide me, no school of psychic ability training or How-To manual."

By the time he was in his mid 30’s, channeling and mediumship had consumed his life. He ultimately surrendered to trance channeling as a profession after years of witnessing life-changing events occurring from the messages he received and delivered to the public. He accepted this was his Divine path and pursued a life that was laid before him by the Sufi masters in his family's history.

"My Indian ancestry had infused me with an understanding of past lives and reincarnation. My heart knew it was true."

He moved to Los Angeles and met his wife Oriah, and they opened Red Eagle Ranch, opening a full-time healing practice in their home in Malibu, CA. As well as holding weekly private Circle of Light channeling events to the public, they also traveled to hundreds of yoga studios in various states and cities where he became well-known within the spiritual community for his accuracy and dedication.

"I began to receive messages from whom I call The Guides. Their messages were so poetic and profound and full of love. I began to see my own past lives and the past lives of the people around me. I received guidance and answers to complete strangers. Many people I felt guided to give messages to would break down and weep. And in New York City that is quite an unusual reaction! I began to finally understand who I was and what that “intuition” really was throughout my life."

As word spread, people from out of state would fly to him, to be a part of his sessions, and also have ongoing private psychic medium sessions with him. The demand inspired an invitation for him to travel overseas to have his first-ever European Channeling event held in Bulgaria. It was the first time Bulgarians had been exposed to trance channeling and it immediately created an interest and a wave of excitement to those who were a part of his packed ten-day tour. After Riz opened the doors to trance channeling for the Bulgarian people, many well-known spiritual teachers and channels followed suit, further expanding the country’s interest in the metaphysical phenomenon. They now have a thriving spiritual community.


Riz has once again been inspired to return to Europe, years later, to visit countries that may not have been fully exposed to trance channeling or metaphysical spiritual messages and teachings on a personal level. Because of the intimate nature of trance channeling to individuals, Riz had opted for this last decade to not be regularly videotaped until now. There is some footage that exists from his earlier channelings online, some audio recordings and a private library of 1000+ channeling circles have been recorded in their entirety. 

Q & A

Written by his wife and co-teacher Oriah Mirza.

Many people ask Riz and I how he became a Trance Channel and Psychic Medium. They want to know if he was born with his ‘abilities’, did he study, did he have a mentor? Many have questions about what exactly is Trance Channeling, plus many more questions about the nature of our work, the Channeling Circles itself, and the Psychic Medium phenomenon.


Here are the answers to those questions.

Q: What is his lineage?

A: Riz was born in NYC and is of Indian, Persian, and Mongolian descent. 


Q: Was Riz born with his abilities?

A: He doesn’t know if he was born with this ability, but it definitely feels like it, because it was an automatic experience and no training was involved.


Q: What is Riz like? His personality?

A: Riz’s natural demeanor and personality have always been curious and leaned toward a more spiritual side of life as a young man, but he did not try to be a trance channel or a psychic medium. He was a guitarist and singer in a heavy metal band for ten years in New York City. He spent time studying the arts and pursuing his music career, but during this time his mother and brother died, which halted many things in his life. He went into a deep depression and although he continued working in the arts and traveling the world, it was a surprise when he started channeling. He resisted it for 9 more years, wanting to succeed as a musician and an artist until Channeling took over his life. That is when he moved to LA from New York.


It was so spontaneous, he had to quickly understand the dynamics of what was happening to him to control it to whatever degree he could, so he could be surrendered enough to allow for clear communication and transmission without his personality involved in the messages. (This is not easy-I believe this is what makes him the best living channel in the world-the degree of clarity and precision).


Many years ago, Riz had been told in a channeling circle that he was invited to that he would be doing exactly what the Channel does when he asked about his music career. That channel is Alex Murray in NYC, a wonderful trance channel whose channeling sessions Riz attended in New York, though never studying with him, not believing that he too would become a channel one day.


Q: How did he start Trance Channeling?

A: He was in denial and disbelief about his message from Alex Murray until one day, he himself began trance channeling. First with his eyes closed and not remembering what happened to him afterward. The people in front of him would have to tell him what happened, and they were stunned, some were in tears. They were very moved by what was said to them. Then with more control, later, he had his eyes open and could vaguely hear what was being said. He has channeled hundreds of guides including many ‘alien’ sentient beings and spirit guide ‘groups’ since then, they often come with one name.


Q: What type of Trance Channel is Riz?

A: He is a ‘Full Trance Channel’, and is fully mobile in his body, meaning he can use all of his body with his eyes open while channeling, including walking and drinking water.


Q: What about his psychic mediumship?

A:  His psychic mediumship, he had experienced as a child when he saw energy imprints/signatures and heard names and saw faces of people in other realms. He was always accurate with his messages, and his career began by accident.


Q: Did Riz study with anyone or have any formal training?

A: Riz did not study with any groups, religious groups, or teachers, learn any techniques, nor he did immerse himself in the channeling world.


Q: How does Riz condition and prepare himself?

A: He spends much of his time creating, traveling, outings with some of his 5 stepchildren and myself. He hosts weekly channeling gatherings and provides one-one-sessions and yearly retreats to India, Egypt and more. His meditation is his love of absorbing the beauty around him everywhere. His conditioning is, he moves his body, loves to be outdoors, and experiences new adventures.



Q: Does he get to pick who channels through him?

A: He does not choose who channels through him. He was introduced to Chief Red Eagle, a Native American Chief that lived from the 1800s, one day through automatic writing when Red Eagle spelled his name and said ‘hello’ to him. He has become his GateKeeper (explained later) and the main message bearer ever since.


Q: Does Riz have a special affiliation with Native American or Tribal cultures?

A: Riz always loved studying and learning about many cultures, but made no special attempt to be surrounded by Native Americans or tribal cultures. He respects and admires every culture including his own, which is Indian. He does not control the Spirit Guides and who speaks through him nor try to represent them.


Q: What does Riz do besides being a trance channel?

A: He loves music and is a musician, playing with new technology, and being creative daily. He is interested in ufology and pop culture. 


Q: Is Riz considered a Spiritual Healer?

A:  He is a very serious Shamanic healer but is at the forefront of wanting to break the walls and eliminate the stigma of trance channeling as being a very ‘unusual practice’ to people who have not been exposed to this ancient practice. His desire and goal are to bring immersive technology and contemporary understanding about communicating at this advanced level to everyone so they understand it and can utilize it for themselves. After spending years also channeling in large private groups in healing desert retreats in tipis in nature, he is wanting to bring immersive technology to mainstream media through technology in every form so all will benefit. Shamanism and Spiritual healing can come in the form of Advance Technology, it doesn’t only have to be stripped of material possessions or sitting in front of a congregation of millions repeating mantras. Anyone can be a Shaman and Spiritual Healer, but what makes you ‘real’ or ‘authentic’ is the direct result of the people whom you work with and the results they share with you. If they benefit in a holistic way with measurable growth, then I believe that is the criteria.

Q: My message didn’t make sense to me.

A. Riz himself was told he would be a trance channel 9 years before it took over his life, and he became one. Many emails and texts have come in throughout the years where people have incredulously confirmed messages they received that did not make any sense to them at the time. Many pregnancies have been predicted, days, weeks and months to the date of when told. When will someone cross over is a Universal Law that is private to that Soul’s crossing is never revealed to others. In cases of people being in hospice, or fighting a life-threatening illness, messages can give clarity on the condition of the body and the soul's interest in deciding to stay or go. Sometimes you have to marry, divorce or move to have your message make sense.


Q: Can I be told the exact date of when I will cross-over?

A: No, but there have been messages that will point to a serious condition that has to be addressed in a person. The level of urgency is also indicated so that the person can go have it checked by a professional or holistic healer. This has happened several times. There have been a few cases where people have been forewarned about checking their heart or a certain organ, etc in an urgent matter and within 2 days they had a serious heart attack and they crossed over.


Q: Can Riz or the Guides find a missing person?

A: Many times this has happened where someone was desperate to find a missing person. Usually, the messages are about if they feel the life force energy on the planet or not. Never will a “for certain” statement be made because of the Divine process of discovery for Souls, and Soul Contracts, many souls have to work out these issues within themselves for them to have the highest degree of personal growth. However, there has been much resolve in discussing what the missing person is doing, or interested in experiencing and how it correlates to the rest of the family members or the world. Locations have been given to a certain degree or if they are in good health.


Q: Can Riz or the Guides tell me why someone I know died?

A: Yes, the messages that come through from the ‘other side’ are very unique to the individual who crossed. There have been many times information has been given on why someone took their life or their message to the family is very detailed including places, and objects, words that were said with the two parties during silent or open communication before, during and after the crossing. Much peace and resolve have come from this type of closure.


Q: Will I ever get a message about the unforeseen danger for myself or someone I love?

A: No. The only case a message of urgency will be given is if there is imminent death. A strong message will be conveyed, “call your grandmother when you get home, tonight.” Then the grandmother crosses the next day. Souls are here to live out their life purpose and evolution, so very little interference will be said. But, they will say, “Go see a doctor and look at your circulation.” The person finds a blood clot, etc. These types of messages are given, to aid in the evolutionary path of each individual. There is no warning, or threat given in a negative way because Universal Law is there is only Love and Love is intelligent communication with everything and in everything. Everything is Divine. There is no such thing as danger or being threatened by a message by Spirit Guide or Psychic Reading that ‘something bad will happen’. Everything is created for higher intelligence and evolution.


Q: I have never been to a psychic, what can I expect?

A: Many find it comfortable and soothing, and sometimes downright funny. The humor of the Universe and how life orchestrates itself can be very entertaining if looked at from the right perspective. At the same time, many serious issues are handled and many deep questions answered. If you ever want to understand and explore the reasons why something happened in your life, this is the perfect venue for that conversation. Since we are multidimensional beings, the layers of creation are vast in what discovering created your ‘human experience’. Many spend years or a lifetime, uncovering and discovering the creative process of self-discovery of life.


Q: Can I find out if my loved one is cheating on me?

A: This is a very common question. Yes, but only to a certain degree. The messages and answers are given are coded along with a direct answer, but ultimately the experience is for the growth of both parties. The way the answer is usually given will lean towards either;’ there is nothing to worry about’, or it can be the opposite; ‘you need to see up and wake up and realize what is happening in your home between the two of you’. It’s up to you to decipher the meaning, but you will quickly get the point. Most conversations lean towards the productivity of you learning about your own growth and the core beliefs that are stemming from your question to why was this created.


Q: Can I ask any question I want?

A: Yes. There is no limit to the questions you can ask, about yourself, your pets, the Universe…anything.


Q: I am embarrassed about asking a question in the public Circle of Light.

A: You can always book a private reading, Riz will not be channeling the Guides in a trance, but he will convey what he is hearing for that type of session. The way the answers are given to the listener is always with privacy in mind, but also the group that comes together in any circle is always divinely orchestrated and brought together for a reason. So your answer could be helping someone sitting next to you.


Q: Do you believe in letting your clients and students explore other teachers?

A: Yes. It is recommended and advised because we believe in One Love. We believe All is One. We teach discernment and how to access the most accurate and precise teachers that leave their own personal opinion out of any reading. Same with Trance Channels. How to know you are listening to the most evolved communication? There are ways to know. We have a lot of ‘experts’ and people who have been studying trance channeling, been to the best trance channels in the world, and are trance channels themselves. They always are happily surprised and very much convinced that Riz is at the level of Trance Channeling of Jane Roberts and beyond Esther Hicks and others. Riz has been compared to Edgar Cayce, and they have similar birth charts (for trivia’s sake).


Q: It’s been ten years, how come you’re not bigger and have been on Oprah or had Deepak Chopra visit or endorse you yet?

A: This is a good question, and we have been asked this many times because many feel that we should. First, I would like to share the experience we had one time where Riz had a blind phone reading (meaning he didn’t know the person). She asked to receive a message from their dear friend who had recently crossed. Riz was happy to connect to this soul who had a lot to say. He said his name was “Wayne". The message was clear and precise with personal connections made, Riz said he sounded like a teacher and was very exuberant. The reader was very happy and cried and she hung up.  She texted back later to say she was one of Wayne Dyer's’ best friends, and that indeed was him. You would think this information would be given to people like Deepak Chopra directly. But, that is not how it works. Many people find getting a psychic message or having deep re-construction on their core beliefs at the Circle of Light a very personal experience. It is so private they rarely even want to share it with their closest friends. Some do, the more vocal people who want to share, they do and has helped build a very long and fruitful career for Riz for which we are grateful.


We know celebrities and many other people who know this particular 1% of the population, personally. They feel intimidated to share their own beliefs with them, feeling they will not understand or be ridiculed. This is one reason. The second reason is that Riz and I spend all of our time being of service and creating more channels of communication working with people and creating more opportunities for people. The ten years of developing our work in creating a powerful healing service have changed the lives of thousands around the world, and the time and energy it takes to be in public at the degree of Deepak Chopra… is well on its way, but not our end goal. Our goal is to be of service now, it is a long road to take, but the most fruitful and authentic to what we do. Many plans are in the works now to create a larger platform of communication, but we have a large family and so between it all, we grow and expand one day at a time.


Q: I’m a skeptic. How do I know the difference between advice, brain-washing and psychic abilities?

A: First of all, skeptics are wanted and welcome. We enjoy wowing skeptics because Logic is Logic. Of course, it has to make sense to you. The logical wisdom given is inescapable and has no cultural boundaries. It is Universal Law and Intelligence. If there is logic in what you are hearing, and it works for your life, then heed it. If you do not like the messages you receive and do not understand it, you can always ask for more information or you can go to a teacher that is better suited for what you are looking for.


Q: Sometimes I feel I am being scolded or I am in trouble when I get a message at the Circle of Light.

A: Once in a while we will get this complaint, though not often. The Guides are very direct and very loving. More loving than any human being I have ever encountered when giving messages. However, the Guides also know about the walls of defense and sometimes the severe trauma the person is in. Several times over the years there have been people who come to the circle who experienced a recent death of a loved one, and they themselves were considering suicide and were out of their minds in grief. The messages given to those individuals can appear hard or super direct, but it is actually the thing that snaps them out of the spin they are in. It is like an ER or and ICU situation.

There are others who are in a deep depression and are very numb and are trying to disconnect their experience here on Earth from their Souls, like a form of Soul Death (maybe you call it the Walking Dead-The Zombie effect, self-induced Numbness).


I would say, 10-15% of the people who come to our events are experiencing this, and we see it could have stemmed from trauma or from self-hatred or a soul’s refusal to accept being a Human Being, being on the planet, or extreme anger, hostility or fear. The list is long of what causes this, but the Guides know who needs to hear messages a certain way. Sometimes the messages are very strong. Some people get it right away, some fight it and still come to our channeling circles for years until they get it. Some leave angry and feel confronted by their message, and some come back years later ready for more after writing us off in the beginning because they were triggered, but then experiencing life events that the message finally made sense.


Riz does not control what is being said and what or how the messages are given. You have to listen from your Third Eye, your Third Ear, and/ or your Higher Self (Gut Intuition) to understand the depth of the power of love in which your message is given to you, most feel comforted and loved while in the presence of the Guides and hearing their message. Many people cry spontaneously, surprising themselves on topics they didn't feel were an issue anymore. It is very special, and a lot of compassion is given to that person at that moment. It is a healing environment. Riz and I both have great compassion for the human experience, and we both come from very hard lives, we understand what it takes.


Q: Some people say channeling and psychic mediumship is a hoax.

A. Yes, they do, there is not much anyone can say to explain how channeling works and psychic mediumship works if they are not open to it. Even the most advanced Channels and masters in the field as Riz can only explain as much he can assimilate for himself. We are communicating with interdimensional Intelligence, the communication and where it derives from or how it comes to have not been revealed to anyone on the planet in exact specifics.


There can be assumptions and educated guesses, but we can only hear with what the Guides themselves state openly about the type of channeling that is happening, they do offer much explanation in the Nature of Reality and how things occur to the best of our ability to comprehend it. Riz and I do our best to interpret messages after the fact, that may have eluded the listener at the moment, to the depth of what was said. To offer more clarity about what the Guide was communicating to them. It is impossible to satisfy every observer or participant. Just like Coca Cola can’t win everyone over or miracle supplements can’t, or a super awesome technological device or even green vegetables. A person wants to hear and take in and believe what they choose to. It is not our responsibility to convince someone who does not want to understand what Channeling or Psychic Mediumship is.


There is one website on the web that says Riz is a hoax. We tried to read what was written, but it was hard to follow or understand because it made no actual sense. This person has never been to our Red Eagle Ranch or any Circle of Lights anywhere. They used old photos they pulled from our website we posted long ago in 2011 when we first started as a new couple and family. They made fun of our sense of aesthetic decorating style and how much things cost, if they were cheap or not. Not sure how that has anything to do with our work, they seemed pretty hostile and negative. Whether we have money or no money makes no difference in the accuracy and love that we share. We have kept our rates $40 per Circle attendee the same rate for ten years.


All sites like this do is turn people away from getting the much-needed help and peace of mind for people who really need it. Basically, it is selfish hate. What I say to haters like this is;  I ask them what are they doing to help their fellow man and to ease suffering personally? No answer. That is why I don’t pay any attention, but I bring it up here so you can understand how we see people who hate or troll to create lies about us or anyone else for that matter. It’s not worth it.


There are some psychics we read about that use techniques that we do not believe in for ourselves, that doesn’t seem highly advanced and use fear or manipulation to communicate. We do not write anything negative or make fun of them or call them out, it is their soul’s evolution, and it is a natural course of life for people to grow. We will give our opinion on what we think they are trying to convey, if asked and how it is coming through from a purely logical way. We believe in magic and mystery to the same degree anyone would like to know about how atoms are formed or questions like ‘what is God?’ The most information we all will ever receive is the baseline understanding that God is All Things. God is What You Believe. God is Who We Are. God is Creation and God is Love and We are One.


Q: What is Riz's non-work life like, is he meditating all the time or a guru?

A: He is a guru, and so am I. A guru is simply a teacher. In his off-time, he is an artist, loves creating music, making his children’s books, characters, animation, gaming, pop culture and exploring more ways to have fun on the planet with his family. He chooses not to wear Indian robes, a bindi, head wraps, sandals, and host yoga retreats while deep long chanting meditations are given because that is not the audience that is seeking him want. The audience that comes to Riz wants direct, clear, loving information that blends the lines of culture, structure, dimensions, beliefs, rituals, rules, and connection. Total freedom in intimacy through communication and learning to receive from another is what they desire. They are looking for how to connect these Higher Realms and Deeper Realms within themselves for maximum Human efficiency, growth, and peace.


Q: How long is the longest Riz has trance channeled in one sitting?

A: Riz has channeled straight for almost 5 hours in Yoga Soup, Santa Barbara with a packed yoga studio which ended almost at 1 am, delivering messages to over 45 people. On healing retreats, he used to channel off and on all day for almost 8 hours to groups of people.


Q: What makes Riz different from other channels, like Esther Hicks?

A: Riz channels an opening message to the group with one or two guides, then the message bearer guide will begin individual messages to each person. After he delivers personal one on one messages to each person, they can ask up to three questions, including the beginning message they receive before their questions.


The guides Riz channels speak to the inner evolution of the human being in a practical way,  along with creation and energy communication, re-programming, and healing frequencies. It is broken down in a specific way and delivered in a simplified manner so even people new to the experience immediately feel comfortable and are able to understand. Global topics are discussed every time as well, and the universal consciousness is discussed along with many other practical and personal topics. All topics relating to life on Earth, time, universal consciousness are channeled.


Q: What makes Riz qualified to be considered a Master Trance Channel?

(According to feedback, research and the study of trance channeling over the decades there is a qualification list that has seemed to been developed and accepted amongst the trance channeling community.)


A: Clear Channel. The marks of a ‘clear’ channel, is that the host is completely transformed during channeling.  Replaced by another personality essence, the host is no longer apart of the equation, which gives rise to a clear channel. Which in turn gives rise to messages of wisdom that are easy to understand. There is no interference of Human Dogma, Religion, Personal Broadcasting, Opinion, Emotional Triggers, etc. Many have agreed Riz is one of the clearest and cleanest channels they have every experienced.


B: No Breaks. Many experts will look for ‘breaks’ in the channeling where the host returns even for a half a second, you can see and hear the break. Most actors break, down to a shift in the eye. The keenest of skeptics and people with the very high standards has shared with us, and I know, Riz never breaks, which is an incredible surrender in and of itself. It is the most difficult thing to do, to let go. To keep the frequency up in your being to be able to hold such an energy, and your body in tactile function for such a long duration and have full body function is incredibly difficult.


C. It is not personal. Although the host must convey a very focused and interested intent to be able to channel, it is not personal. It is quite the opposite. For proper trance channeling, there is no personal involvement, so the messages remain clear without emotional triggers or content from the Host. The channel remains somewhat removed from the experience, and steps out of the way, many times he doesn't remember what is said.


D. Appreciation. True master trance channels have an appreciation for one another. Like an expert in any field. When they recognize and hear the specific characteristics of a master full trance channel in another, the gratitude and appreciation for each other is pure love and admiration for each other's work. I have never seen anything like it. When a master a trance channel witnesses another channel mastery, there is a kinship, respect, and love that I have never seen in any other field. A deep respect for this form of advanced communication.


Q: What exactly is Trance Channeling?

A: Trance Channeling is a form of communication. Consider the host an interface, a computer if you will, that relays information. Where is that information coming from? The Creator. The creator of information. Who is that? Higher Intelligence, God, Creator Love, etc. It can be channeled through a group of entities, more appropriately called; a ‘group of personality’ essences that speak as one voice (usually). Riz says sometimes, it feels like a thousand voices speaking as one. Where do these essences reside? In other dimensions that we cannot see with our naked eye. Who are they? They refer to themselves as one being that had a life on this planet, or off-planet. Some Guides are considered Mythological on our planet but exist in other realms. They were channeled by authors in the forms of stories. Many believe them to be advanced beings with powers, which many believe mean Aliens. What type of Aliens? The only type off-planet beings Riz channels are benevolent and full of love. Are Spirit Guides Aliens? If you want to understand what we know about Aliens, that is another topic. But, we are understanding that we are all Aliens and how they appear or how they speak to us is in their own creative approach. How they represent themselves is their own doing.


Q: Riz refers to Red Eagle as his GateKeeper, what is that?

A. A Gatekeeper is a being that interfaces with other beings in the spirit world and only allows the highest intelligence and the most loving and benevolent beings to speak through Riz. Red Eagle is also the Main Message bearer who works with people on an ongoing basis. Many have even experienced Red Eagle visiting them in their dream state giving them messages. Many have asked Red Eagle to work with them as their Spirit Guide on their own and he has and does. For Guides, time doesn't exist, and there is no linearity. Their relationship to us is beyond this earthly construct, and they have been our guides for many lifetimes.


Q: Does anyone else channel Red Eagle?

A: According to Red Eagle himself, and recorded on audio, as long as Riz is alive Red Eagle is not channeling through any other channel in any way, through trance or written. I suppose it is to keep up with the consistency and continuity, a more isolated program. I suppose it is like if you download an Apple product, you know it has standards and has a unique program that is created only for Apple products to use. Red Eagle has mentioned there are counterfeits that claim to channel him, but that is not him as a personality essence. I assume it is because his message is to be heard directly coming from one source (Riz) so that a definable and recognizable message is known to be him and him alone. He has also said he has had many lifetimes as many other cultures and different gender, but he favors the lifetime he experienced as Chief Red Eagle from the Creek Nation that fought against Andrew Jackson. It is an amazing story.


I hope I answered some questions for you. These are but a few of the many questions that are asked over the years. I have considered writing a book that many have asked for. Also, including “What is it like being married to Riz?” That one, my dear friends, will have to wait until way later to disclose because I am still in discovery after 10 years. And yes, I do see Riz and Red Eagle as a separate being and I like to keep it that way. lol


Thank you!

(To read an awesome article, which Riz was mentioned in the Top Ten best Trance Channels of All Time, go here. 


Much love,

Oriah Mirza

To read Press Release, Master Trance Channel Riz Mirza to Channel 'Messages for 2023' at the LA Conscious Life Expo Feb 12, 2023, go here:

Christmas 2021

Riz Natal Chart

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 8.19.50 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 8.16.49 AM.png
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