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Spiritual Ascension weekends


FALL 2023

The Two Most Powerful Ancient Sites in North America That Will Change Your Life

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Why are Sedona and Shasta regarded as being two of the most highly activated portals in Northern America?  High energy meditation sites such as these have helped in the Ascension process. When you are having an Awakening, seekers feel that Mt. Shasta and Sedona’s meditation sites make it easier to pray, contemplate, reduce stress and heal the mind and body. When you are in deep self-reflection and self healing, being in these high powered sites will enhance prayer, meditation, mind/body vitalization. The Indigenous tribe, the Yavapai-Apache in Sedona have long regarded the area as sacred. Sedona's spiritual heritage actually goes back for millennia. Metaphysicians, Shamans and Healers have experienced correlation connections between magnetic energy activities in the Sedona area and human consciousness.  And according to these truth-seekers, Sedona is one of the world’s greatest hotspots for psychic energy: whirling and vibrating, creating pulling portals that enhance consciousness. The energy is so strong, so overwhelming, that juniper trees twist and bend themselves over it.

In Mt. Shasta Native Americans believe the mountain volcano is the center of the universe. Legend has it that some believe it to be one of the most sacred sites and is the home of the Creator. The mountain stands at 14,179-foot and Mount Shasta is the second tallest volcanic peak in the Cascade Range. They viewed the mountain and its surroundings as holy ground; it is thought to be one of the first earthly places created by the Great Spirit. In the past, no one but medicine men and women climbed up the mountain beyond the tree line. It was thought to be too powerful for ordinary people to visit.


They have become known as ancient “power spots,” places where people commonly experience UFO activity. Many experience UFO-related activity that goes into other dimensions, and have consciousness-altering experiences. When one enters a sacred site of powerful energy, the mind, body, and spirit are instantly affected. The energy at these places can be felt, sensed, dowsed, photographed, and measured with scientific instrumentation. Some people in Mount Shasta believe that a lost continent called Lemuria is hidden beneath the mountain, along with its capital crystalline city, Telos. 

To read an article Oriah wrote about these retreats and the reason for a spiritual awakening, go here.

Green Nature

“In today's day and age Self Care is imperative. During the stay, healing sound musicians, yoga, heart-opening exercises, recreation, and hiking will be interspersed.”

-Oriah Mirza

Do you feel the quickening?

Do you feel the New Human Emerging?

You may find yourself in an ascension.

Your old world and programming have become outdated and you do not recognize yourself anymore.

Your heart is telling you something different.

You are on the verge of a massive leap of consciousness.

There is something pulling and tugging you inside.

To be quiet and still.


To your Higher Self.

Let us guide you and show you how to surrender to your Highest Consciousness, it is your Divine calling to be the True You. xo


Deepen your connection to your Divine Source

Learn to listen for direct answers from the Divine Within.

Heal with the Divine Love.

Awaken to your life mission and Who You Really Are within Divine Understanding.

Find Your True Self.

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Aug 11-13th


Join us in magical Mount Shasta, the powerful root chakra of the earth, for a deeply restorative sabbatical weekend to slow down, and heal while you are on your Ascension process. Co-guide and wisdom teacher Oriah will  help guide you in how to flow into non-resisting and peaceful Ascension. 


This Ascension retreat will be immersed with shamanic ceremonies, Join us in our sacred circle, the Circle of Light channeled gatherings, guided meditation, delicious meals, hikes, wandering and allowing Mt Shasta to speak to you. We will keep this retreat off of a strict itinerary and we will guide you in person. Let Mt. Shasta open and activate your Light DNA codes. There will be delicious Soul-healing meals.

Ask questions about and receive Divine guidance through our channeled gatherings or in group sessions with Riz and Oriah about:

  • Meditation

  • Sound Healing

  • Breathwork

  • Yoga Meditation

  • Psychic/Intuitive Readings

  • Spiritual/Energy Healing

  • Intuitive Healing

  • Being more Connected to Your

  • Higher Self

  • Automatic Writing

  • Yin Yang

  • Twin Flame Relationships

  • The Healers Path and more

Rooms are all double occupancy.

You will be responsible for your own

transport to and from Mt. Shasta.

Cost: 1850

Weather will be highs & lows 70/46

Check out

Your HEALER Guide Riz

Renowned Shaman, Psychic Medium and Master Trance Channel Riz Mirza is a well-known shaman who has guided people through sacred ceremonies and visiting sacred sites for over a decade and channeling messages. He and his twin-flame wife, Oriah and Intuitive Empath, have been helping people find their spiritual 'home' for over a decade with deep work in this ascension process, trauma healing and learning spiritual growth, care and guiding them how to share their gifts with the world. Riz is considered one of the Top Ten Trance Channels in the World and has helped and guided many through their most difficult times through detailed messages he channels through many various Ascended Spirit Guide masters. 

If you are interested in diving deep into Shamanic journeys, contact us here, and request more info in sacred ceremonies. Referral preferred. 

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