I was seriously blown away by Red Eagle. I’ve been a metaphysician all my life, and witnessed numerous channels, who, honestly, did not impress me. You’re having channeled Red Eagle gave me a new take on having witnessed a truly inspiring and moving phenomenon.
— Diana A Aylward

Every Tuesday night at 7:30 pm!

Every Tuesday evening at 7:30, The Circle of Light happens in beautiful Malibu canyon's Red Eagle Ranch, the magical home of Psychic Medium Riz Mirza and Oriah. Most full moon circles, it is held outside, so bring a blanket or pillow! Check FB for details. 

Receive powerful wisdom and insightful answers to any questions about your life. Feel a refreshing new sense of freedom and perspective. We are blessed to say we are approaching 650 consecutive Circle's and counting. 

Riz enters into a deep trance and retreats within as master Spirit Guides speak through his body with love, wisdom and powerful piercing insight. His main message bearer, Chief Red Eagle an unforgettable loving presence, answers your personal questions on any aspect of your life.

Here is a small portion of the list of some of the other guides that Riz channels: 

  • Red Eagle

  • Elijah

  • Isaiah

  • Emmanuel

  • Thomas Jefferson

  • Serapis Bay

  • Eleazar

  • Hippocrates

  • Elohim

  • Merlin

  • Gabriel

  • Sebastian Bach

  • Copernicus

  • Phineas

  • Philo

  • Cerrienunos

  • Helios

  • Agamemnon

  • Demetrius

  • Jeremiah

  • Caravaggio

  • Arch Angel Gabriel

  • Thomas Edison

  • King Arthur

  • The Echelon

All aspects of life, love, consciousness, and how to live a fuller, deeper, more vibrant existence are discussed. Personal questions are answered. People laugh, cry and are awakened by the guidance and clarity. The Circle of Light brings people together.

$40 per person

RSVP to get address by emailing or texting us at:

TEXT: 310-924-5198 OR 310-919-8198

Go to testimonials to see pics or go to Red Eagle Ranch website for more info. .

“Just wanted to thank your warmth and hospitality, Oriah. The Circle last Tuesday was wonderful and your home carries such a beautiful energy that I’m still feeling it. Hugs and blessings to you both :)”

~Vicky S