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Haunted Salem Tour
Oct 17th-20th

Salem in October is the most paranormal and psychic place to be leading up to Halloween. This mystical historical town is the center of the haunted, mysterious and all that is supernatural.  For three days and three nights you will be led by Master Psychic Trance Channel Medium Riz and his wife Intuitive Empath Oriah - take part in a seance, walking tours through the old streets at night through the town's most notorious locations of the witch trials,  explore haunted sites and partake in a local resident Wiccan ceremony. Learn to feel through your own extra sensory abilities and sharpen your psychic senses as well. Each night a channeling circle will bring forth messages from the other side for all attendees.


Psychic Medium Riz Mirza has been clearing households of spirits for over a decade and with their intuitive wife Oriah, they have been communicating and feeling otherworldly energies while helping spirits cross over. 

We will be staying in an Elegant Italian Villa On The Scenic Coast of New England.

To see Riz speak on Paranormal activities, go here.

You will be staying at this Historic Italian Villa