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“The Guided Spirit”

Psychic Medium Trance Channel Riz Mirza is looking to help people through his messages in small groups filmed for YouTube in various communities and industries such as; Dancers, Singers, Actors, Athletes, Writers/Poets, Artists, Caregivers, Teachers, Students, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Healing Arts, Animal Caregivers and more. If you are interested, and/or have a group of people that would be interested in the same field, please contact us. Filming will take place July, Aug, Sept in the Greater Los Angeles Area. 


WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE: You will be in a group of 3-7 people and you will receive a message from Riz while he is trance, channeling a spirit guide. Trance Channeling is an ancient art that has been documented since the earliest written word. Tribal communities always have a shaman, seer and channel psychic who can see into other realms to help guide their communities. This ancient art is what Riz Mirza was born to do, and he is a full-time shaman and psychic medium as well. He has been helping the world, communities and individuals for 15 years channeling to groups in-person and online. The messages given to you are everything from your soul path, to your obstacles to what your talents and gifts are to how to heal yourself or others or just how to make the world a better place. 


To learn more, and see what Riz does in action, go here. To join a live in person 'Circle of Light' Event with Livestreaming, go here. To participate in an online channeling live streaming event, go here

If you are interested to participate, contact and in the subject line say: "I am interested in the Guided Spirit Series!" And let us know what industry and contact info and we will reach out to you.

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