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Sacred Earth Retreats

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Your Sacred Earth Retreat Tour guides and shamans, Psychic Medium and Trance Channel Riz Mirza wife Oriah Mirza, have led sacred retreats to ancient lands with vortexes, temples and so much magic to behold. Some retreats offer shamanic journeys around the world and together they have helped heal thousands of people in sacred ceremonies that focus on trauma healing. 


All retreats are in beautiful comfortable 4 star accommodations and 5 star luxury packages are available for a beyond-belief experience. Inquire at about rates. 

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Weekend Ascension Retreats

Advanced Ascension Weekend Long Retreat is our most transformative experience as you will be immersed in mystical, magical, spiritual and psychic experiences in sacred energy vortex sites.


International Sacred

Earth Retreats

Our weeklong sacred International tours are life-changing experiences where you will be immersed in culture, sacred experiences, rituals and channeling.

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Healing Retreats

We customize private healing journey experiences for your family and friends. 

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Sand Dunes






Thank you for such a beautiful soulful tour of Egypt, Riz & Oriah. We are so blessed to know you, to heal with you, and travel the world(s) with you ;) 

It’s been so lovely to connect with this group & get to know each other. 

Please keep in touch xxx


Sharon Lynn

Riz & Oriah Thank you so so much for this life changing experience. You put together such a magical tour and group that I will be forever changed. You are both such loving and light souls that you definitely have touched me in a way I’ve never been touched before. Riz thanks so much for reaching out to me and encouraging me to take this leap. I’m truly blessed and you two and everyone I’ve met on this trip have reached a special place in my soul. Love you all 



What a magical experience! Thank you so much for including us! I feel so special and it was so wonderful to meet you all!

>> watch chanting in ancient Egyptian tomb

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We are all truly blessed by the trip and each other’s company and the two lovely people who take it on to “wrangle” a few of us human beings learning to be “Humans Being” no easy feat. 🥰❤️❤️