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International Spiritual & Mystical Retreats


Lead by Psychic Medium & Mystic Riz Mirza and Oriah Mirza


for over 10 years



Thank you for such a beautiful soulful tour of Egypt, Riz & Oriah. We are so blessed to know you, to heal with you, and travel the world(s) with you ;) 

It’s been so lovely to connect with this group & get to know each other. 

Please keep in touch xxx


Sharon Lynn

Riz & Oriah Thank you so so much for this life changing experience. You put together such a magical tour and group that I will be forever changed. You are both such loving and light souls that you definitely have touched me in a way I’ve never been touched before. Riz thanks so much for reaching out to me and encouraging me to take this leap. I’m truly blessed and you two and everyone I’ve met on this trip have reached a special place in my soul. Love you all 



What a magical experience! Thank you so much for including us! I feel so special and it was so wonderful to meet you all!

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We are all truly blessed by the trip and each other’s company and the two lovely people who take it on to “wrangle” a few of us human beings learning to be “Humans Being” no easy feat. 🥰❤️❤️



What a magical experience! Thank you so much for including us! I feel so special and it was so wonderful to meet you all! Thank you Riz and Oriah for organizing this magical trip and bringing us back to this land for a great reset! 

Galactic tribe, I truly enjoyed the presence of each one of you, much love, have a safe and relaxing return!



Such an unforgettable time with all of you. Much much love ❤️

Thank you so much for an experience of a lifetime. Purely life changing. So appreciate you and Oriah’s kindness, spirituality and zest for sharing your gifts. It was so energizing learning of old and new worlds…. Looking forward to our next retreat! Much love and light, Michele 🧜🏻‍♀️




INDIA 2023

Make sure you read about COVID concerns, here
As International restrictions ease and change, we will update our trips accordingly. 

Travel Checklist
1. Check to make sure your passport is current and not about to expire. Due to Covid, many offices are experiencing long waits. Call your consulate for that country to make sure latest protocols.
2. Be prepared to take a
Covid test most likely 72-48 hours prior to leaving or entering any country, we will inform you when to do that. You are responsible for this.
3. You are also responsible for your own flights. We cover any in-country flights once we arrive to our destination.
4. Bring spending money and we cannot guarantee perfect wifi or cell service so please make adjustments with your phone and carrier.
5. Bring an adapter, wellness items to stay healthy and vibrant while traveling. 
6. Please know you are traveling with a group, but can arrive before or stay after the dates we will be on tour for your own personal travel goals.
7. Make sure you reach out to us at if you have unanswered questions, we want you to be fully and peacefully prepared.


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Midsummer June 2022
6/19- 6/26/2023

After many moons of trying to figure out our retreats due to covid restrictions, and trying to organize the wave of rescheduling and cancellations left in it's wake...we have emerged! We are back to traveling this fine world with fine folks like you! Join us to celebrate the Summer Solstice in June 2023! Summer Solstice is June 21st, a splendid time to join the fairies and leprechauns along with all the other magical beings that traverse its ancient lands. In Ireland, The Summer Solstice is also known as Midsummer, and is the longest day of the year. The most popular area to celebrate Midsummer is at the Hill of Tara, a very magical place that we love. Midsummer festivals and bonfires have been a tradition in Ireland since pagen times and continue to thrive. It dates back to ancient Ireland over 5,000 years ago and still celebrated today!

To find out about Covid restrictions,
policies & here

Wet grass


We are booking for Japan 2023! Check out how you can attend here! 

We will go to Tokyo, Kyoto, Hakone & the Samurai town of Kanazawa.


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Apr 2 – Apr 10, 2020


There’s no place like Japan- from its deep ancient magic to its futuristic city life - you will be amazed on this adventure. BUT there’s nothing like Japan during the sacred time of the Cherry Blossoms. All across Japan the incredible beauty of these flowers make every picture to take a masterpiece. We will explore ancient temples and shrines, parks and ponds and lakes and the bamboo forests!

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Dec 1 – Dec 8, 2020

This is the trip of a lifetime. Many lifetimes!

Egypt holds the sacred keys and ancient magic beyond this dimension and on this special retreat, I will be channeling this knowledge at several different sites of the ancient Egyptians.

We will cover Cairo, Aswan and Luxor spending quality time in each place exploring the temples, tombs, and mysteries that hold the keys to many secrets. We will explore the markets, museums and ride camels one evening as well as cruising down the Nile for dinner In a traditional felucca boat. There’s no reason to wait to finally go to Egypt.

My retreats have super comfortable accommodations and private air-conditioned vehicles with safe reliable drivers and Egyptologists to Answer our questions. This is a fantastic retreat and I welcome you!

The Magical Egypt Retreat!

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OCT 1-OCT 9 2020


Celtic Midsummer trip!  From the incredibly lush green landscape with quaint villages to the ancient castles and ruins, this land holds the origins of fairies, leprechauns, earth-based religions and sacred teachings. This tour will be full of visits to sacred sites with great magical history and energy.

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Nov 12 – 19th, 2020

Come explore the sacred sites of India during Diwali, the Festival of Lights, the temples, the markets, the shrines, and the Taj Mahal. We sell out every year for the past ten years, a favorite retreat for many, A week-long immersion into the heart and soul of India! Sacred sites- Hindu temples and Sufi shrines, artisanal crafts and shopping, amazing food, elephant villages and much more. Diwali is the biggest holiday spiritual festival time in India and is the pinnacle period of abundance prosperity and enlightenment in our history. Ceremonies, art, concerts and fun everywhere and a wonderful time to be in India. It will be happening our entire time there. Sells out fast, contact today.