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INDIA 2024
3/22-3/29/ 2024

Ready to go to India? Has it been on your list but you didn't feel you can go because you didn't know how to navigate around India? Psychic Riz Mirza is Indian, and speaks fluent Hindi, not only that but he and his wife Oriah have been taking groups of 20 or more people to India for a decade. The most experienced travelers have been impacted and have their lives changed in less than 7 days. The overwhelming sights and sounds, the sacred locations in the oldest country besides Africa, it will overwhelm your senses in every dimension.

Let Mother India take you home.

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

Explore many cities

Come explore the sacred sites of India during Diwali, the Festival of Lights, the temples, the markets, the shrines, and the Taj Mahal. We sell out every year for the past ten years, a favorite retreat for many, A week-long immersion into the heart and soul of India! Sacred sites- Hindu temples and Sufi shrines, artisanal crafts and shopping, amazing food, elephant villages and much more. Diwali is the biggest holiday spiritual festival time in India and is the pinnacle period of abundance prosperity and enlightenment in our history. Ceremonies, art, concerts and fun everywhere and a wonderful time to be in India. It will be happening our entire time there. Sells out fast, contact today.

Diwali Lights


There’s absolutely nothing like India during the Festival of Lights Diwali! An auspicious time of renewing life with prosperity and abundance and joy! We will explore temples and shrines and incredible food and be in awe at the ancient magic of India. An incredible week of awakening your soul!  

Diwali Lights
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*Flight from US is not included and is purchased individually.


The reason we charge individual prices for the 2 bed accommodations, are because within the country we have to buy individual tickets for everyone to get on airplanes and to get into sites, to pay for buses, meals, hotels, so this pays for the individual.

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