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Our Technique

Our work is customized to help people who are in deep trauma. We have helped people who could not find relief with traditional forms of therapy. We have helped people get off heavy substances that supposedly were helping keep them stable. We have helped people in so many ways, and we came up with our own techniques over the years. Not only that, but we have customized a fully immersive program, that includes step-by-step experiences.


Some people need days, some weeks, and some years to fully transform their lives. It just depends on how deep you want to go in your healing and how much you want to learn.


Riz and Oriah are full-service Shamans and have a very personal approach to help people feel comfortable, but they encourage you to follow their 6 step program, and you can do it in any order. Each experience is meant to awaken and enliven you and bring you more wisdom. Some would be in person, and some can be over the phone or video/streaming. 

From Oriah:

Our 'work' is considered spiritual in nature, a holistic approach to conventional problems. We show people how to articulate their communication, find love for themselves again, help others in their life, find freedom and we spark and activate the toughest, hardest most traumatized clients who have given up on themselves, others, and life. We can get to them.



We cannot determine how deep or far along a person is until an assessment is made by us, and in a free consultation conversation we usually know within a short period of time what service would help them that we offer. Once you have spent the number of years in the trenches as Healers with people's suffering and pain as we have, an awakened Healer will start to understand very quickly the inner dialog and type of blame or victimhood a person has subscribed to and is living by. We have never been wrong, once in ascertaining this, because the client shares openly through their own behavior and language where they are coming from. Their beliefs are very clear to see, and we understand what we are seeing and hearing so it makes it easier to know where to begin. 

To properly assess a client, we use our abilities to feel as highly intuitive empaths and psychics multi-dimensionally. We also hear their guides tell us what their problem or situation is. But, we have actually turned away some people who are not ready for us yet, who still need to work out their anger, blame, and hostility until they reach their breaking point. We bring our deep shamanic understanding of Earth medicines, of our own life experiences, and our decades of helping people heal to the table to help people have powerful breakthroughs. 

Our Services

We offer many services as you will find here on our extensive website with over 30 pages of information, events, retreats, books, transcriptions, audio, video classroom, live online events, music, and more. We operate from Malibu, CA and many who experience our work also can enjoy the city's many healing attributes. 

Shamanic Training

You cannot be trained to be a Shaman, for it is a desire one has that one pursues through many avenues. A natural organic compulsion to do this type of work, but you can be trained to be a Healer. Many people who want to become Healers, or are Healers and want to be more impactful to their clients go through rigorous training sessions with us. We put them through the same training the Spirit Guides, the ones that Riz trance-channels, put us through when we started. We are also are guided internally by these beautiful Light Beings. We will take you as deep as you want to go into your Healing abilities.

To Become a Healer

First, you have to want to. What most people discover is how hard it is to help others while you heal yourself. It will break you to the core, but that is when the magic happens. When you start letting go of your old stories and programs you can start reprogramming your own beliefs and healing your own pain, helping heal others will be a joy. That is what you want, a simple and easy way to share Wisdom Teachings, and we can help you.

Wisdom Teachings

Wisdom Teachings are Universal Truths or Laws that govern all Living Beings. It is a Universal truth we all innately follow and would like others to follow. Not to harm yourselves or others, to help people find joy and happiness while you are enjoying your own. Sharing the Light, Wisdom, and Love as you are speaking to yourself. It is Divine truth, Divine Love and it is all-encompassing in Oneness. We believe in the beauty and power we possess as Light Beings, and How to Surrender to Love. 

You Are Not Alone

But, maybe you are not at that place yet, maybe you cannot even dream of helping anyone yet and need to focus on working on yourself. Either way, you must start with yourself. Each person we work with, we will follow the same formula of success that comes with our extrasensory abilities.


We see the vast majority of people thrive from our work and change their lives forever. We also see others who reject the philosophy that we are all Self Created or that we Create our own Reality and succumb to other lesser vibrational teachings that include danger, conspiracies, co-dependency, and more pain at the end of it...essentially. Sometimes people come back to us after years of more pain, or sometimes they find other teachers who teach a different way that suits them better where they are at. We share the love all the same.

Can You Graduate our Courses?

I can probably write many books in the detailed formula of how we teach. The best way to say it, it is very hard to 'graduate' any courses we provide to duplicate what we do. Plus, we don't believe in Healing Certificates. Your results in your work is your Truth and Reverence to the Service you Provide.


But, to do what we do, you would have to be comfortable living and breathing in an ER situation every day with strangers in pain while making it beautiful and wonderful every day for yourself and them.

They are usually not happy when they first begin working with you.


Focusing on loving your own life and play openly and creatively while helping people get out of addiction, mental illness, depression, and even suicidal desires takes stamina and guts. We raised our family in this environment and we are the most playful people but extremely serious about life and creation. We take everyone seriously, more seriously than they even take themselves.

This approach is because people's walls and defensive nature are so automatically defensive and it is subconscious that they can get stuck in their pain and fear stories that seem very, very real--and when asked to start to change them or let them go,  people become hostile and defensive. We cannot let that ever stop us, as Healers know, you keep going. So we have created ways, techniques, and processes to help people 'let go'.

Our style is very subtle in the sense that you don't even realize you were just shown how to re-program your beliefs with logic and love. Many walk away feeling lighter and brighter and happier and takes them a while to realize what we did that helped them.


Some people have tried to apprentice over the years but it is so intense that many cannot go all the way until they feel they can do what we do, but many have branched off and began their Shamanic healing work at a beginning level. We are very happy for them. The easiest way for us to help you become Healers is to become the naturally born Healer that you are already-because duplicating what we do is very difficult-so finding your gifts is logical. 

Psychic Readings

Some people just want psychic information, information from their guides until we teach them to tune in and receive their own messages from them... and also they want to know their future. We show probable realities based on your approach to life, your patterns, your beliefs, and how deep and powerful are your ideals, stories, and sense of self are. We work with all of these very obvious characteristics you show the world unbeknownst to you.  You start to see it yourself and change once we are able to share with you feedback in a constructive way. 

We have plenty of free teachings you will find all over the site and online, feel free to watch and listen to our YouTube shows and podcasts if you want to learn more.


What is magic? Magic is the unknown and unseen worlds within and in the 'physical'. If we had every answer for everything in the Universe, it would not be as magical. We are happy to say as long as there is Higher Intelligence there will be magic and we will be enjoying the discovery process. Welcome to Humanity, and we love to share our wisdom, our finds, and experiences in those areas. Riz is still offering one-on-one guidance and services and Oriah is now currently speaking only as a guest on podcasts. 

To find out more about Riz and his history, go here.

To find out more about Oriah, go here.

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