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Future: Circle of Light Center


Center for Metaphysical and Higher Vibrational Living

Many Wellness Centers are missing one key ingredient; the deep spiritual METAPHYSICAL experience people can have that will aid in their overall well-being and elevate their vibration to live a happier more harmonious life.


Riz & Oriah Mirza have strived for over a decade to bring this level of enlightenment to the spiritual & wellness community, taking it further than any other spiritual center by having Spirit Guides channeling as a main part of our communication to the world. Led by two experienced Shamans, Psychic Intuitive Empaths, we have created a completely new and futuristic way for people to improve their life.

Circle of Light Metaphysical Center will provide wisdom teaching, psychic events and workshops to help open, broaden and deepen the natural psychic abilities innate in all of us. Helping our vibrant community to find deeper places to heal within themselves, while learning how to connect to a Higher Vibration.

Along with weekly channeled Circle of Light and Sound Bath events, the Center will have guest speakers from other healing modalities to hold workshops, including the Mystical Occult communities such as Astrology, Tarot, Wicca, Etc. Read below for our offerings.

We will create a healing Meditation room for small groups to be able to sit and lay down, with LED projection, crystals, music and more.

Our Center will have a holistic, warm, inviting space for the community to dive deeper into their spiritual practice. We will offer individual spaces and rooms for special events, yoga classes and special activities.

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  • Inner Child Healing Workshop

  • Re-Programming Intensive

  • Psychic Introduction Workshop

  • Ascension Process Workshop

  • Alien/UFO Communication

  • Microdosing Workshop

  • Art Healing Classes

  • Full Moon Ceremony

  • Relationship Communication

  • Breathwork Workshops

  • Astral Projection Class

  • Seasonal Ceremonies


Guest Workshops

  • Astrology Classes

  • Wiccan Classes

  • Tarot Workshops

  • Numerology Workshop

In the greater Los Angeles So. California area.

Online & In Person Courses


Beginners Courses

Advance Metaphysical Courses

Meditation Course

Single Meditation Courses


Weekly/Monthly Events

Circle of Light Channeling

Guided Meditation Classes

Yoga Classes (Alex/Instructors)

Sound Bath

Healing Celebration services with Musicians

Conscious Living

Individuals who want to explore their spiritual life to individuals who are experiencing extreme trauma and pain in their life come to the Circle of Light to receive wisdom, support, and clarity about their soul path, their situation, and most importantly their belief systems. Understanding their creations, and co-creations with others to a higher degree, helps people feel not only more enlightened but helps them heal faster, find more peace in their decisions and overall propels people into deeper healing work for themselves or pushes them into a higher plane of existence.

Riz Mirza has been trance-channeling numerous spirit guides who have helped heal and uplift thousands of people in over 2500 live full-trance channeled, weekly gatherings called the Circle of Light, with over 8,000 hrs of documented and recorded sessions to large groups.

Our weekly channeled spirit gathering, the Circle of Light, has been for over 13 years, the answer to every type of human concern. This is a continuation from where Abraham Hicks in The Law of Attraction left off. This is the next stage in Human Consciousness.

This is a small excerpt of what the Circle of Light Center for Metaphysical and Higher Vibrational Living will hold. If you would like to be a part of our Center when it opens or would like to be an investor, please contact

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