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Shamanic Services

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"Riz is by far the best shaman and psychic I have ever experienced. My life has dramatically changed due to the shamanic experiences allowing me to shed old beliefs and experience my true power."

~Adam M​

"Riz's shamanic journeys are nothing short of magical. The insights and peace I've gained from his sessions are beyond words."

~Rishika S

Join Riz Mirza for a soulful, transformative journey of spiritual rebirth. Through a harmonious blend of traditional shamanic practices, plant medicine, and channeled messages, Riz guides you into the depths of your soul to uncover your true essence. This immersive experience, offered for a limited time, includes staying in a serene yurt or nearby accommodations.

Participants worldwide come to journey with Riz and release limiting beliefs, heal past wounds, and embrace their authentic selves. Riz’s powerful ceremonies and rituals provide profound insights, connecting you with spirit guides and initiating a lifelong transformation.

Shamanic One-on-One Journey

Embark on a spiritual Yurt Journey with Riz Mirza, a unique shamanic journey designed to reconnect you with nature and your higher self. Set in a serene yurt in the top of Topanga Canyon, CA, his immersive experience includes guided meditations, spiritual teachings, and trance channeling sessions. Riz, a renowned Trance Channel, Psychic Medium, and Shaman, leads you through transformative practices that foster deep healing, clarity, and personal growth. This space is a great escape for those who need nurturing and healing sacred shamanic energy while doing safe plant medicine. This journey promises to rejuvenate your spirit and provide profound insights into your life’s path.

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Shamanic Weekend Experience

Shaman couple Riz and Oriah Mirza are offering a rare opportunity to host a Shaman weekend in your own location within the US public or private!​

Join them for an extraordinary weekend that promises deep spiritual transformation. Experience the powerful Circle of Light on Saturday night, where Riz channels profound messages, followed by a shamanic group journey on Sunday, designed to help you connect with your Higher Self. This unique event will leave you feeling rejuvenated, enlightened, and deeply connected to your spiritual path. Don’t miss this chance to bring their remarkable guidance and energy to your community.

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Sacred Masculine Shamanic Group Journey

These retreats are designed to provide profound mental and emotional rejuvenation and transformation. Riz's deep connection to the root issues men face will support you with his strength and understanding of his life as a husband and father and experiencing major loss in his life. He is a true example of 'The Work Works'; with his addition to his trance channeling and his psychic abilities, you will be guided through cosmic experiences to feel your True Self in the most unique and profound way.

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