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Do You Live with Spirits?

We have been clearing, cleansing and bringing sacred energy to every space we have been called to. From residences to empty rentals, to historic homes, to commercial spaces. Riz is like a tall transformer beam that spirits flock to and Oriah is a very sensitive empath that she can feel and even hear what they are saying. They work to help spirits move on, clean the space, and energize it and leave it with high vibrational coding and blessings. It is permanent and you can FEEL IT.

Some of the things spirits do to make themselves known


If you have ever wondered if you have spirits in your home, please watch videos above. If you KNOW you have spirits or entities in your home and need help clearing them, Medium Riz Mirza can do in person house clearings within a 50 mile radius of our location in Los Angeles, CA. Or he can do FaceTime and tune in for you and show you how to use your Shamanic tools! Many times new vacated houses carry energy imprints, and potential buyers feel something is 'off', or they can feel an energy that doesn't feel good. We can help dissipate it and leave the energy fields squeeky clean.


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