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Red Eagle Universal Inc., led by founders Riz Mirza and Oriah Mirza, specializes in spiritual development and healing through its subsidiary, Sacred Earth Retreats. This dynamic enterprise offers a range of services including free educational courses, mentorship, and unique retreat experiences designed to foster spiritual growth and personal healing.

Riz Mirza, a Full MasterTranceChannel and Psychic Medium, brings his internationally acclaimed mediumship and channeling capabilities to the forefront, hosting transformative Circle of Light gatherings globally, also serves as a full-time shaman in Los Angeles, traveling to assist groups with healing in the US.


Oriah Mirza leverages her profound empathy and intuitive skills to assist individuals in overcoming past traumas and achieving energetic balance. Their combined expertise forms the backbone of their content creation, including three insightful podcasts under the Meta Mystics banner on YouTube, which explore meditation, multi-dimensional realities, and spiritual alignment.

Red Eagle Universal Inc. and Sacred Earth Retreats are committed to providing comprehensive spiritual education and experiences, promoting higher self-connection, vibration raising, and holistic healing in alignment with contemporary spiritual needs.

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GAIA channeling conference gathering of top trance channels

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The Next Stage of Human Understanding

Here is your chance to watch, listen, read and experience more and take in more than your current framework has been able to perceive thus far. Let us take you to the next level in your spiritual advancement and evolution, understand programming and how we interact with other species.

Learn how to activate your Highest Self, and your power centers.

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Author. Mystic. Shaman. Sacred Sites. Tour Guide

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Riz & oriah Sacred Earth Retreats in Ireland
Trance Channel Riz Mirza 2020 channeling Event
Riz & oriah Mirza Sacred Earth Retreats
Trance Channel Riz Mirza blessing after Circle
Trance Channel Riz channeling in irleand
Trance Channel Riz Mirza channeling by Pyramids
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For over a decade, we have been helping
you to learn how to:

+ Raise your vibration

+ Connect to your Higher Self

+ Heal Your Past

+ Balance Your Energy Body

+ Learn to Meditate

+ Raise your Vibration/Heal your Body

+ Connect to Multi-Dimensional Realities

+ Align with Your Source

+ Multi-dimensional realities

+ Understand Your Past lives

+ Connect to Your Spirit Guides

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"Riz does have the gift he has the ability to tell you things that only a select few should know. He is able to bring forth information from a higher plane and higher beings. It is truly unknown how people do this, I can only equate to Riz being a radio tuned into the proper frequencies. What comes out of this radio is life-changing."
Bryan Bowden

Trance Channel Riz Mirza channeling
Trance Channel Riz Mirza blessing people
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Channel Riz Mirza channeling
Trance Channel Riz Mirza
Mountain background Riz & oriah
Riz & oriah's crystals
Riz & oriah's crystals
Psychic Riz Mirza and wife Wisdom Teacher Oriah Mirza
Riz & Oriah Mirza's books

За нас

Учители по мъдрост и мистици

Запознайте се с вашите учители по мъдрост, автори, Риз Мирза и Ория Мирза. Риз Мирза е международно известен майстор на Full Trance Channel и Psychic Medium.

Орияе силно интуитивен емпат, художник и майка на пет деца. Заедно те са посветили живота си да помагат на хората да намерят своята Висша цел и да се излекуват от болката и страданието. 

Те са известни със своя съвременен, но извънземен подход и Риз се е насочил към хиляди хора в своите кръгове от Светлина, събирания по целия свят, заедно със своето задълбочено и изцелениемедиумизъмсесии.

The 9 Keys book by Riz Mirza
Circle of Light (Full Moon Circle with Riz Mirza) in Malibu, CA
Circle of Light ( with Riz Mirza) in Malibu, CA
Circle of Light (with Riz Mirza) in Malibu, CA
Circle of Light ( with Riz Mirza) in Malibu, CA
Circle of Light (with Riz Mirza) in Malibu, CA
Sacred Earth Retreat w Riz & Oriah in Egypt


Riz & oriah Shaman Gear

Риз канализира Червения орел в края на Кръга на светлината в Северен Холивуд и енергийното изчистване започва след 3 часа канализиране на съобщения към всеки човек.

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