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Shamanic Yurt Sacred Journey Experience

Do you need to free your mind & open your heart? Do you need to release fears? Open your consciousness in a safe place and feel the love of your ancestors and your spirit guides.

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A unique Moroccan Yurt experience in the heart of Santa Monica Mountains with an incredible view.


This space is a great escape for those who need nurturing and healing sacred shamanic energy while doing safe plant medicine. This beautiful Moroccan Yurt has incredible views on top of the mountain with incredible sunsets. You will be lead by well-known psychic medium/trance channel and experienced Shaman Riz Mirza who has helped thousands of people from around the world find peace in their practical life and spiritual life path.


There is also the option of a healing Morocan meal after your healing plant sacred journey and you can rent the space separately to stay over night. 


Nestled amidst the breathtaking vistas of Topanga Canyon, Riz, an experienced master trance channel and shaman, invites you on a private shamanic retreat tailored specifically for you or your partner. As you ascend to the summit of this sacred haven, immerse yourself in the 360-degree panoramic views of the majestic mountains, where the earth's energy resonates with profound healing potential.

Under Riz's compassionate guidance, embark on a transformative journey of spiritual rebirth, venturing into the depths of your soul to uncover your true essence. Through a harmonious blend of traditional shamanic practices, plant medicine, and channeled messages, Riz will gently guide you through a process of deep healing and spiritual awakening.

As you connect with the wisdom of the plant, a sacred gift from the earth, your mind and heart will open to profound insights and revelations. Release limiting beliefs, heal past wounds, and embrace your authentic self as you delve into the depths of your being.

Throughout this immersive plant medicine journey experience, Riz will lead you through powerful ceremonies and rituals, drawing upon his deep connection to the spirit realm and his mastery of trance channeling. In these cosmic realms, connect with your spirit guides, receive channeled messages, and experience profound energetic shifts that will set you on a path of lifelong transformation.

Surrender to the love you are as Riz trance channels spirit guides, guiding you towards freedom and peace. This truly healing experience will leave you refreshed, empowered, and deeply connected to your true essence.

Riz also offers personal at-home shamanic journeys, providing a convenient and intimate setting for your spiritual exploration. With over a decade of experience leading these weekly journeys, Riz is committed to helping you achieve profound healing and transformation.

Embrace the transformative power of shamanic healing and embark on a journey of spiritual rebirth with Riz, your trusted guide on this path to wholeness and enlightenment.


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