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UFO & Alien Communication Retreat

in Joshua Tree, CA

Oct 4-6th, 2024 

UFO watching and alien-channeling retreat!


Your host is Trance Channel and Psychic Medium

Riz Mirza. Known for his ability to connect with Spirit Guides and Alien beings for over a decade. He is committed to bringing the dimensions together in interstellar communication. He has channeled beings in front of an audience and livestreaming worldwide in over 2600 live events. 


The time is now for the worlds to come together, the UFO community and the 'Spiritual seekers' communities have for a long time been separate. 'Facts only please' is what the UFO community wants and needs, and rightly so. But many mystics and seers from the beginning of documented time have been receiving messages and communicating with alien beings seen and unseen. 

Riz boldly is going into an area that people are afraid to go. To bring science and technology of UFO physical sight and discovery, and psychic phenomena together as one. He will not be the first to attempt it, but will be one of the most determined in history to help bridge the gap.


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UFO watching and alien-channeling retreat!

  • Trance channeling Q & A to interstellar star beings

  • Deep guided off-planet meditations guided by Riz. 


  • Powerful Integratron Dome sound healing activation

  • Night Watching

For centuries, Joshua Tree has been the epicenter of UFO and alien activity from tribal legends of the sky people to modern-day sightings and encounters. This sacred land is known the world over for its cosmic energy.


For the last decade, Riz has led private channeling circles where he has been communicating with alien extra-terrestrial intelligence while in Joshua Tree. Now he is opening the circle to you to join Riz & his wife Oriah for a fascinating weekend of inter-dimensional, channeling, night sky UFO watching, sound healing communication, and astral meditations under the stars.


Join us for Contact..



 Book now, spaces will fill up fast.

You will be staying in a beautiful retreat home with full amenities. As we get closer to the retreat date, we will provide all the details and the location. You will be dressed based on the weather at the time, which we will let you know. 


Chairs, small blankets, and sky-watching equipment will be provided. All meals are provided. This is an evening-focused retreat, so you can spend your days leisurely enjoying the location. We will be available for readings, conversations, walks, etc. 


As soon as it becomes dusk, we will begin our evening, which will last into the night. If you chill easily, please bring a warm jacket and an extra blanket. 


You will drive or carpool from our retreat home to the location site to stargaze, hear historical stories of the native people, and experience the energies and vortexes in the area. All the while, you will be stargazing in the Joshua Tree National Forest, where the skies are the darkest.

Free new alien channeled book by Riz: The Echelon

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Book Your Spot Now

$1850 - per person for a shared room (1 room available)

$2450 - per person for a solo room

This retreat has both solo and shared rooms. Your rate is the per person charge. We accept payment through Zelle. Select Manual Payment at checkout, and Erika will contact you for payment details. We cannot guarantee en suite bathrooms. Guests may be sharing a separate full bathroom with another guest. 

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Thanks for submitting!

We process payments through Zelle. Once your form is submitted, we will contact you and process your payment that day. We do offer payment arrangements with a deposit as an option, but your payment or deposit must be made on the same day as your booking request.


You are responsible for travel to and from location.


Palm Springs International Airport

To reach Joshua Tree, most visitors fly into Palm Springs International Airport (PSP), which is about 50 miles east, or via Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which is about 150 miles east.


Check the forcast.

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