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Join renowned psychic medium Riz Mirza and intuitive healer Oriah Mirza for an enlightening retreat in the mystical lands of Glastonbury. This transformative experience offers a unique blend of spiritual exploration, healing, and personal growth.


Over the course of the retreat, Riz Mirza will guide you through powerful trance channeling sessions, connecting you with higher realms and delivering profound messages from spirit guides.

Set against the backdrop of Glastonbury’s sacred sites, including the legendary Glastonbury Tor and the ancient Chalice Well, you will immerse yourself in the rich spiritual history of the area.

Whether you are seeking answers, healing, or a deeper understanding of your spiritual path, this retreat with Riz and Oriah Mirza promises to be a life-changing experience in one of the world’s most mystical and revered locations.

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Magical Mystical Glastonbury & Stonehenge

Sept 18-23rd, 2025


Experience the magic of Glastonbury and the ancient wonders of Stonehenge on a transformative retreat with renowned psychic medium Riz Mirza and intuitive empath Oriah Mirza. This journey promises profound spiritual growth, healing, and unforgettable memories. 

Glastonbury Tor

Begin your adventure with a visit to the iconic Glastonbury Tor, a hill steeped in myth and legend. As you climb to the summit, Riz and Oriah will guide you in meditation, connecting you with the powerful earth energies and the ancient spirits of the land. The panoramic views and the spiritual ambiance will leave you feeling deeply connected and invigorated.


Chalice Well Gardens
Explore the serene and sacred Chalice Well Gardens, a place of peace and healing for centuries. Here, you'll partake in meditative practices and rituals led by Riz and Oriah, centered around the legendary healing waters of the Chalice Well. This tranquil setting offers the perfect backdrop for reflection and inner peace.


Channeling Sessions & Messages from Spirit
Riz will lead an evening Circle of Light channeling session, delivering messages from the spirit guides, connecting our group to the ancient and magical energies of this land. 


Exploring the Town
Take time to wander through the charming town of Glastonbury, known for its rich spiritual heritage and vibrant community. Visit local shops filled with crystals, books, and spiritual artifacts, or simply soak in the unique atmosphere of this mystical place.


Stonehenge: Ancient Wisdom

Embark on a journey to Stonehenge, one of the world’s most famous prehistoric monuments. In this sacred space, Riz and Oriah will lead meditations and energy work, connecting you with the ancient wisdom and powerful energies of Stonehenge.


Reflection and Integration
Following your visit to Stonehenge, there will be time for reflection and integration. Share your experiences with the group and receive guidance on how to incorporate the profound insights gained into your everyday life.


This retreat with Riz and Oriah Mirza is not just a getaway, but a deep spiritual journey into the heart of two of the world’s most mystical locations. Let the energies of Glastonbury and Stonehenge awaken your spirit, heal your soul, and guide you on your path. 

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