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Shaman Riz Mirza 2023


Riz is an internationally acclaimed shaman, psychic healer, and wisdom teacher. A decade of leading shamanic retreats around the world, we bring you the dates of a new series of retreats to choose from.


These heart-opening plant medicine retreats are lead by an experienced shaman. Being in a safe, held space with a trusted teacher is our sacred duty to you. Riz  has a great reputation for the programs and shamanic intensives that he offers.

"Riz is the real deal, I have not yet met another shaman like him, his journey was electrifying and helped me feel the connection to Source I was looking for." -Eric

Sedona Retreat Riz Mirza

“We are the Universe, with no separation, we are the stars, the moon, the earth and all of creation. When you see how we are intertwined and actually feel it, you will never be the same. "  --Riz MIrza

The ultimate reset

Image by Eutah Mizushima

Shamanic Plant Medicine Retreats


WHAT IS Higher Vibrational Transformation?

In our Sacred Events, you will experience:

  • Genuine breakthroughs that helps accelerate spiritual growth

  • Beautifully curated immersive experiences designed to show you what is truly possible in your being.

  • A one-of-a-kind transformational event with Master Trance Channel Riz Mirza and Shaman Oriah, integrating nature, sound healing, plant medicine with channeled messages, metaphysical and spiritual guidance.

  • A sacred space to help you give birth to your true self, healing deep wounds and finding freedom in your life.



Sacred Shamanic Retreats has been developed over a decade leading many people around the world. The wisdom teachers Riz and Oriah, a husband and wife team are known in the field of holistic spiritual guidance through shamanic experiences and a vast array of workshops and events worldwide.


It is one of the first Shamanic retreats guided by a proven Master Trance Channel, Psychic Medium and Medical Intuitive. Incorporating these abilities into a shamanic journey has changed thousands of lives.

Metaphysical and spiritual communication is interwoven throughout the journey while you experience nature and letting yourself finally let go, you will feel your stress leave you as the months unfold. You will feel enlivened and rejuvenated during your retreat..


Riz & Oriah's Shamanic retreats are separate from our Sacred Earth Retreats where they take groups of 20 people for ten days 5 times a year to sacred locations that hold deep spiritual significance and ancient information that is channeled and guided through Riz. Egypt, India, Ireland, Mt. Shasta, Japan, Scotland, Hawaii, have been the most wonderful experiences for our guests.


Shamanic Ceremony Retreats are specifically for plant medicine and healing the soul through the Divine Mother plant.


Retreats include:


  • The ultimate full moon Circle of Light

Channeled gathering w messages -Lead by Riz

  • Sacred Plant medicine shamanic ceremony

  • Divine feminine deep heart opening ceremony -lead by Oriah

  • Nature exploring, resting, local food cuisine

  • Comfortable accommodations


"I thought I was going to do a simple sacred ceremony and at

the least get a heart opening. But what I experienced, changed me forever,

I finally felt my true self…there was so much love I could barely take it.

I really know the deepest truth of who I am now. Riz and Oriah are just amazing. “

—Clare, 35




“We honor our relationship with Her, and hold our shamanic experiences with the highest regard.”

-Riz and Oriah

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