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We use various forms of payment processors through our website.

VENMO:  We use Venmo as a link sent to you can scan the barcode or enter it manually.

ZELLE:  We use Zelle manually, as you enter information during checkout you will be sent a request through Zelle. 

CASH APP: We use Cash App as a thrid-party app portal through our website. 


AFFIRM We offer Affirm through a third-party app portal through this website.

"Payment options through Affirm are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners:"

SPLITIT: We use Splitit as a third-party app portal through this website.

KLARNA: We offer Klarna in some situations, including our Zazzle Shop. 

SHOP PAYMENT PROCESSOR: We use Zazzle for our shop. 

Each company has its own policies, and we suggest you research these payment options before using it. 

Stripe Monthly/ Yearly Subscriptions: 

After Payment: Immediate or delayed notification of payment success

Some payment methods immediately return payment status when a transaction is attempted (for example, card payments) but other methods have a delay such as ACH debits. For those that immediately return payment status, the PaymentIntent status either changes to succeeded or requires_payment_method. A status of succeeded guarantees that you will receive the funds from your customers.

Payment methods with delayed notification can’t guarantee payment during the delay. The status of the PaymentIntent object will be processing until the payment status is either successful or failed. It’s common for businesses to hold an order in a pending state during this time, not fulfilling the order until the payment is successful.

If you have any questions about refunds, please go here.

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