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Exclusive Psychic Services

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"Riz's psychic readings are nothing short of amazing. His accuracy and compassionate approach brought me clarity and peace in ways I never imagined. The experience was profoundly transformative, helping me find direction and a deeper understanding of my life's path. I cannot recommend Riz enough."

~ Sarah M

"The Circle of Light with Riz was life-changing. His channeling brought clarity and peace, helping us connect on a deeper level. It was an unforgettable and sacred experience for everyone involved."

~ Laura H

We feel incredibly grateful to help people find peace and personal freedom through our exclusive services. Each connection is an opportunity for us to connect deeply and provide guidance that transforms lives. Please explore our offerings to find the perfect fit for your journey.

Phone Readings

Riz is celebrated as one of the finest psychic mediums, with a reputation that ensures his schedule fills well in advance. His phone readings provide a sacred and intimate connection, offering both convenience and profound personal insight. Reviews often commend his psychic mediumship has exceptional accuracy, delivered with a compassionate spirit, and with the deep clarity he imparts. Clients frequently describe their sessions as transformative and healing, bringing them peace, guidance, and a deeper, more sacred understanding of their life's journey. 

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Private Coaching

Riz Mirza offers private spiritual coaching for those seeking to deepen their spiritual journey, access insights from their shamanic experiences, and work on personal growth. These one-on-one sessions, available virtually or in person, are tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. Clients praise Riz's ability to provide profound clarity, emotional healing, and spiritual guidance, describing the coaching as transformative and life-changing. This exclusive service allows you to connect deeply with Riz's wisdom and experience, guiding you towards greater personal freedom and peace.

Custom fee based on how long the term is.

* Phone only

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One-on-one Trance Channeling Session

For a limited time, Riz Mirza is offering exclusive one-on-one, virtual, and/or in-person, private trance channeling sessions. Connecting you directly with one of his spirit guides in person. These sessions are profoundly transformative, as numerous testimonials attest to Riz’s exceptional ability to provide clarity, guidance, and peace. Clients consistently highlight his trance channeling sessions' deep emotional and spiritual impact, describing them as life-changing and healing experiences. Now, you can experience this intimate and sacred connection with Riz's spirit guides, who convey messages tailored specifically to your personal journey and growth. This unique opportunity allows for a deeply personal and powerful exploration of your spiritual path.

Contact info@rizmirza and in the subject line:

"Interested in having a private channeling"


Private Group Circle of Light Channeling at Your Home

The Circle of Light with Riz Mirza is a transformative experience where participants connect with higher wisdom through Riz's channeling. Attendees often describe these sessions as profound, offering deep insights and spiritual guidance. Now, Riz offers private channeling circles for groups of ten or more, providing an intimate and powerful setting for personalized messages and collective healing. This exclusive opportunity allows your group to experience the incredible impact of the Circle of Light in a more private and focused environment.

In the Southern California area

* We can travel to you in the US and Canada with additional fees

To learn more about the history of the Circle of Light go here

To learn more about what the private channeling group entails, and to sign up, go here


Paranormal- Spirit Cleansing 

Riz and Oriah Mirza offer house spirit-clearing services to help cleanse the energy and harmonize your living space while helping any spirits to move on. These sessions involve removing negative energies, spirits, and imbalances in the energy field, creating a peaceful and positive environment. Using his psychic medium and shaman skills, Riz identifies and addresses spiritual disturbances and receives mediumship messages. Empath Oriah helps to identify the various energies in your home or office and helps to clear the energy in your home. They are happy to leave your home feeling refreshed and energetically clear. This service is ideal for those experiencing unexplained disturbances or wanting to enhance the positive energy in their home.

Contact to get rates.

In the Southern California area

* We can travel to you in the US and Canada with additional fees

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