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A Special Evening with 7 Guides 
Exploring Consciousness

Spiritual seekers, and curious minds alike, we are delighted to invite you to a truly extraordinary and enlightening event that transcends the boundaries of the physical world and delves deep into the realm of the metaphysical. Join us for an exclusive two-hour experience hosted by the renowned Psychic Medium and Trance Channel, Riz Mirza, as he opens the doors to a unique gathering of wisdom and insight about Consciousness through channeling seven guides.

Prepare to embark on a journey into the mystical, as seven Ascended Master Spirit Guides come forth through Riz Mirza to share profound esoteric wisdom. This is a rare opportunity to connect with the spiritual realm, gaining access to insights that can profoundly impact your understanding of consciousness and the universe.


Each of these seven Spirit Guides will address a different facet of consciousness, offering a comprehensive exploration of this enigmatic and multifaceted reality. Their messages will not only deepen your understanding but may also trigger personal transformations, awakenings, and a heightened sense of purpose.


🌟 Meet Your Guides, Red Eagle, Phineas Q, Merlin, Caravaggio, Goddess Ixchel, Poe, ArchAngel Metatron 

Riz Mirza, a gifted and trusted medium, will channel these profound messages from the Spirit Guides, offering their words of wisdom with clarity and authenticity. Through his trance-channeling abilities, Riz bridges the gap between our world and the ethereal, bringing forth teachings that can ignite your spiritual evolution.


Join us for this extraordinary event and witness the merging of worlds as Riz Mirza becomes the conduit for these enlightened beings. Prepare to be enlightened, inspired, and transformed as you delve into the depths of consciousness like never before.


To secure your spot and learn more about this mesmerizing event, please email or secure your spot by sending your $65 payment to Venmo at @redeagleuniversal. 

Spaces will sell out quick!

This is a 70-seat venue. 


Reserve your place now, and let the journey into the realms of consciousness begin.

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A signed copy is available for purchase.

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Get your access, avail to watch next week. Anyone in attendance of the event, get a free copy. Email and put in the subject line:

"Seven Guides Video", you will get your private link by the weekend! $10

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