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This Special Event does not come around very often: You are invited to join an all-men's Sacred Shamanic one-day journey with Shaman Riz Mirza. It is an extraordinary opportunity for personal growth and transformation on the top of sunny Topanga Canyon, California, with one of the most experienced shamans, who has led countless people to freedom for over two decades.


These retreats are designed to provide profound mental and emotional rejuvenation and transformation. Riz's deep connection to the root issues men face will support you with his strength and understanding of his life as a husband and father and experiencing major loss in his life. He is a true example of 'The Work Works'; with his addition to his trance channeling and his psychic abilities, you will be guided through cosmic experiences to feel your True Self in the most unique and profound way.


Participants often reconnect with their inner selves, gain clarity, and feel more grounded after their journeys. Shaman Riz's sacred journeys have a soulful blend of spiritual teachings, meditation, and being in nature to help you relax, which are integral to achieving a state of balance and inner peace.


Many attendees have reported significant improvements in their mental and emotional health afterward, sharing that the journey was a pivotal moment in their lives. One participant noted, "This journey was life-changing. It allowed me to confront and overcome my deepest fears and weaknesses with love"​. Another emphasized the impact on family dynamics: "The journey with Riz helped me become a better husband and father. I returned home with a renewed sense of purpose and emotional maturity for myself and others that I really needed"​​. These testimonials highlight the retreat's ability to foster personal growth, enhance relationships, and promote overall well-being.


This immersive experience revitalizes the body and nurtures the spirit, making it an invaluable investment in one's long-term health and happiness​. We are booking this event for late summer or early fall.


Solo journeys are also available for men wishing to have a deeper transformational experience one-on-one. Father-son sacred journeys are especially popular. Riz is highly sought after and booked far in advance, including his Sacred Retreats, so to ensure you grab a spot and be able to have this life or any of these life-changing experiences in 2024, you MUST respond now. Let us know which journey you are interested in.


Space is limited.

Small group men's journey $750

*ask for solo and two people


Location: Topanga Canyon, California


Date: Sat Sept 28, 2024 

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