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~ Welcome to your Spiritual Path ~


What you will learn

You are a psychic being, and unless you are able to feel these extraordinary senses you were born are not fully experiencing the fullness of YOU. Discover your spiritual path and explore the many ways to use your intuition for self-growth, healing and transformation. Connect with your spiritual team and journey on your path to enlightenment.

This Masterclass is designed to give you an overview of the information, skills and confidence you need to access your psychic gifts. Learn how to trust your intuition and use your psychic senses in your everyday life.


1. Your Psychic World-Intuitive Development

An Introduction and exploration of the inner and outer multi-dimensional worlds that includes spirit guides, angels, your loved ones. Enter into a new vibration. Develop your intuition and explore your psychic potential with guidance from an experienced psychic teacher. Receive guidance to increase your confidence in your abilities and your connection to the spiritual realms.


2. Improve your sensitivity

Without sensitivity, you will not be able to feel and experience these high-vibration energies and messages that are available to you. Learn how to quiet your mind, still your senses and receive. Achieve a deeper connection with yourself and the world around you by awakening your natural psychic senses. Gain access to the techniques you need to enter the psychic world. Be introduced to how to read the energy of the Earth, people and animals.



3. Develop Your Psychic & Intuitive Abilities

Improve your psychic awareness or learn how to tap in and feel your way through your psychic world. Enjoy the benefits of living your full potential by allowing a wider and deeper scope to your life that includes the psychic realms. Connect with your higher self and the spiritual realms and open up a world of possibilities. This Masterclass will bring forth the power of your intuition and increase your ability to be in tune with the energy of your environment.

Psychic Riz Mirza 2023
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