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We are looking for a venue that is not only willing to rent your space to us, or to host us but also will share our event to your spiritual seekers in your newsletter so we can expand to different regions. But first, a little about RIZ! 


Riz Mirza has been trance channeling numerous spirit guides who have helped heal and uplift thousands of people in over 2000 live full-trance channeled gatherings called the Circle of Light with over 8,000 hrs of documented and recorded sessions to large groups weekly and internationally.


Riz is one of the only​ ​psychic medium​-​full trance channel-shamans that is known to channel publicly ​to live gatherings and online groups and give personal individual​ messages with stunning accuracy. In addition, he is the only ​trance channel who has channeled over 100 different well-known spirit guides, all documented and recorded in front of a live audience consistently for over a decade. He has also channeled a record 5 hours straight in front of a packed studio, giving individual messages while in trance. He is considered a master trance channel.

.He delivers spot-on messages while channeling to people regarding their health, soul path, security, mental health, career success, their growth, and any pertinent questions they may have while in trance. He has also delivered precise messages from loved ones who have crossed over. 


He is an author of channeled books, been on countless podcasts, and radio shows and will be interviewed by George Noorey on Gaia in Feb 2023. He has been compared to Jane Roberts channeling Seth, and Esther Hicks channeling Abraham. He has channeled over 100 spirit guides and have channeled up to 5 hours at a time at his longest channeling sessions to sold-out yoga studios in the LA area, Hawaii, NY, Nevada, Colombia, India, Egypt, Bulgaria, Ireland, Japan and more. Here is an article written where he is listed amongst the Top ten Trance Channels of All Times.  


Together with his wife Oriah, he has been a Shaman healing thousands of people around the world in sacred ceremonies that focused on Trauma healing. He gives messages regarding the human body, health, mental health and the most troublesome topics people face today. Riz does not act like any other Shaman-Mystic-Healer you will ever meet, his unique masterful combined skill set, his Heavy-metal turned Shaman background, and his ability to connect with anyone from any background has made him a sought-after healer, originally hailing from NYC with his lineage being Indian, he comes from a diverse background. 


We are not simply looking for an event space to rent, we are looking for a space that has seekers interested in their spiritual growth, wanting alternative psychic, spiritually-loving ways to spark transformation in their lives now. Our sessions are about 2-3 hours starting usually at 7pm. 


Looking forward to hearing from you.

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