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With Shamans

Riz and Oriah Mirza

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Spiritual bootcamp2.png


This Spiritual BOOT CAMP course is designed for people who do not want to take the longer route to spiritual healing and freedom.


They do not want to take years of classes to get to the powerful realizations we will share with you. After a decade of guiding people and helping them through their darkest fears and trauma, Shamans Riz and Oriah will give you a straightforward, no-holding-back approach to helping you set yourself free. You will have an Awakening if you listen carefully and allow it to work. You will be challenged-- but you are in boot camp!


After years of Riz and Oriah watching people struggle because they were not able to get past their shame, anger, judgment, victim stories and the catastrophic results in their lives that rendered them chronicle unhappy, or on the verge of suicide and slipping into madness, they knew we had to create a powerful series that cuts right to the core.

A boot camp approach.


From Riz and Oriah:

"You will understand your ego, your excuses, your hiding places, your pain, fear, judgment, resentment and confusion. Our decades of experience working with people one-on-one, in large groups, healing journeys, channeled gatherings worldwide, international retreats and real-life experience with our own guides, our own family and both of us coming from NYC and LA, CA has provided the maturity, colorful life path, deep soul connection to helping people and our ability to cut right through.


Most people cannot handle this type of deep introspective truth about seeing themselves, looking at their creations and learning self-acceptance at this level. But, some people are out of choices. Welcome to our Spiritual Boot camp."

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Some people feel they are slowly sinking and dying in an agonizing, numbing, and paralyzing fear, afraid to be seen and heard, and yet, that’s all they want.


Afraid of finding their talents and stepping out, sharing their gifts, afraid of judgment or going against the grain. Sometimes tough love boot camp style is what is needed. Sometimes you feel too far gone and too isolated from the world to make sense of it, and this is where Riz and Oriah have honed in their expertise on how to help you stop the patterns, the beliefs that hold you back, the pain stories you can’t get rude of. They have made their career in fine-tuning this help for people.

In this new and exciting Spiritual Bootcamp Video Series, Shamans Riz and Oriah Mirza teach a new coded language that will create a paradigm shift that will help you understand yourself, the power of directed intentional consciousness that will affect you and the world around you,


In this Online Advanced Video Series, Riz and Oriah, a healing team for over a decade to thousands of people, will help you to get out of your old beliefs, and your uncomfortable comfort zone, pushing you to a new more peaceful reality. Going beyond your perceived limitations will challenge your very perception of reality in a way you have never dreamed possible.


You will be in boot camp in the sense that you will be taught in a very straight forward and logical but confronting way, so it can activate your logical Higher Self and help you through the Awakening process. Combining showing you how to see the way you are creating your current reality with cutting-edge new spiritual thought, metaphysical examples, inspiring stories, and powerful meditations, the information contained in this Spiritual Boot Camp can be applied to overcome challenges throughout any arena of your life.

Boot camp Vision

In this 20-part Spiritual Boot Camp series you will hear psychic medium and trance channel Riz Mirza break down better ways of living that will create a successful life for you.


Empath and Intuitive wisdom teacher Oriah's no-nonsense approach after raising five children and experiencing divorces and loss has narrowed down the most intense and powerful ways you can see your life, and re-program your thinking to snap you out of fatigue, self-harm, passive-aggressive lying to yourself and more.


Two of the most contemporary and powerful healers of our generation, you will hear things you never thought were possible, that you are truly not alone and that there is advanced spiritual wisdom that will most definitely help you to your path to freedom.

"Setting you on the Healing Fast Track."



+ Communication
+ Isolation: solo mindedness
+ Blame and judgment of gender
+ what it takes to trust
+ how to let go
+ new ways of living


...and much, much more.

PRE-ORDER FORM, $20 discount if purchased before Dec 31st, 2022.

20 part video series will be available March 14, 2023

Pre-Order Spiritual Boot camp
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Advance Training Vision

In the Advance Training series, you will watch Riz and Oriah sit together and listen as they share with you the art of living a healthy lifestyle, starting from the basics.


*How to create better lifestyle choices that will make you happier and more alive.

*How to learn to feel again and prioritize your life and friendships and your personal choices for your body that will help you feel like a new person.


You don’t have to do this alone! You are a product of your environment, your culture and your upbringing. You have been taught by media and outside sources that will muddle your thinking and dull your senses. You may have lost yourself and don't even know who you are anymore! So, lets get back to the basics!


You have to get back to yourself, the only way to do that is to fight for yourself. You have to fight to bust through, never give in and never succumb. You can free yourself from these mental programs and beliefs that hold you back every day. You don’t need to feel isolated and alone,, there’s no need. This course will jumpstart your life, your heart and your relationship.


Riz and Oriah’s well-known no-nonsense approach will leave you grateful for another chance at life. Another chance to be happy and fearless. Give yourself the gift that never ends…learning to peacefully self create.


Stay tune in 2023 for a new Lifestyle Series.

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