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Why do this alone when you don't have to?

Riz & Oriah have been helping people for over a decade as shamans and trauma life coaches. But, what comes first is their marriage and their family, and Riz helping raise five stepchildren. Both healers helping each other heal their own past while servicing thousands of people has been their full expression. 

Riz & Oriah are bringing their expertise in how they managed businesses, children and keeping their love fresh and authentic into their wisdom teachings. In the spirit of Valentine's Day 2021, let them help you bring your best self forward as you reevaluate how to attract a soulmate, how to keep one, and how to keep your love life fresh and alive.

You will learn how to:

* overcome relationship problems

* peacefully move in or out of a relationships

* better communication 

* keeping the peace

* letting go of your past

...and much more!

Sessions are with either Riz or Oriah

Individual private couples sessions available $199/hr

block of sessions will be discounted