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Red Eagle Speaks

by Riz Mirza & Oriah Mirza

Red Eagle Speaks, A Book of Wisdom offers powerful insights and flexible, clear and practical life teachings. Psychic Medium Riz Mirza has a rare gift of being able to receive communication from a being called Chief Red Eagle, who lived more than a century ago. This book was dictated word for word by Red Eagle through Riz and told to Oriah Miller over a series of 13 nights. Oriah documented this collection of spiritual guidance and compiled it into this book. Red Eagle's message is one of self transformation and evolution. The chapters give insight into the ego, shifting perspective, and overcoming fear while awakening the love within all of humanity. Red Eagle's language is simple, provocative and easy to understand by all no matter what "level" of spirituality they are on.


Chief Red Eagle

In 2008, musician and artist Riz Mirza started having powerful psychic experiences.He began telepathically communicating with a being who identified himself as Native American Chief who lived over a century ago by the name of Red Eagle. Red Eagle told Riz that he would like to deliver messages of love, truth and awakening to the people of Mother earth.

Riz began giving psychic readings to anyone who would listen. The messages were strikingly accurate and life changing. Riz left his home in New York City with nothing but the clothes on his back and his guitar and moved his life to Los Angeles. There he began channeling Red Eagle in deep trance to large groups of people.This book is red Eagle’s offering to everyone who has met him and those who are about to, like you.

Riz Mirza’s Main message bearer, Chief Red Eagle channeled over 1,000 channeling circles worldwide. First book, Red Eagle Speaks. More books coming in 2019!

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