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Psychic School with Riz Mirza

"I am so happy I found Riz...he has single-handedly helped me rise into another level of freedom and expression as an intuitive. I didn't know how much surrender I had to do to allow messages to come through. He showed me the most effective way to tap in. He is the real deal. After 3 years I am still finding new ways to help myself and the people in my life. I am so grateful."


-Rena Murray 


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Welcome to this beautiful custom-designed video Psychic School series made just for the budding psychic or experienced psychic!

From Riz:

You will be learning the psychic skills that took me decades to learn in a simple format that can get you started in opening your third eye.


In three packed sessions you will learn how to bring stillness to your mind, how to "listen" to other dimensions, and how to feel from your heart.

Becoming accurate takes years of refinement and sensitivity but you have to start somewhere. Anywhere you begin is good, you have to trust the process. If I would have had an experienced master psychic medium teaching me when I first started-I could imagine how much faster I would have learned. But, like most, I learned through trial and error. 

First I would receive messages and have to decipher if it was my imagination or not. Then, I would test it out on the person nearest to me, and usually, I was accurate. Being a heavy metal musician in my own band in my twenties was my only focus, so learning how to translate messages from the 'other side' was the last thing I was thinking about!

But, after the painful death of my mother and brother, I started 'feeling' the spirit world, probably because of my longing to want to connect to them, and it worked. It's been decades, and I am still a musician but I have become an internationally known psychic medium and trance channel.

(That is another story)

I can't wait for you to join me, and learn what I have done to become a psychic, how it all started, and what I did to hone in and learn the art of mediumship. 

If you are interested and want to join me, click the button and you will have access to all three videos. 

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Please do not share this with anyone else because it is on an honor system that our decade-long research, development, and talent have given you this beautiful series, and any support and love we receive to keep us bringing extraordinary content to you are valued greatly by all.

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