What is the difference between a Healer Medium & a Paranormal Medium?

Psychic Riz Mirza is a Healer Medium.

There is a long list of differences between psychics and mediums, but we will just cover the difference between healer mediums and paranormal mediums.

Paranormal Mediums main goal to create a connection between a being who has 'crossed over' no matter what state that being is in. No matter if they are 'haunting' a location, or they are invited in a seance type setting. Paranormal investigators tend to use these types of mediums. These mediums give information about the being they are communicating with, how they died, and names and dates in some cases are given. Once the connection is made, sometimes there is a conversation of 'going into the light', but this is not the main purpose of this type of communication. It usually ends here, and in many times no one is present in the living that knows this deceased person on a personal basis.

Healer Mediums are completely different. Their sole purpose of connecting to a being or person who has 'crossed over' is to help them find peace and move into the next dimension. They also work closely with the people who know them personally to help them find peace. They give comforting messages and very direct, personal and specific messages from the being who has 'crossed' to make validate it is really them. These mediums usually do room 'clearings' or spacial saging and cleansing' with shamanic tools to the environment. Healer Mediums always leave the environment more peaceful than when they arrived, everyone receives closures. Riz specifically, has been called into do also 'hauntings' and 'paranormal cleansings' and he uses the same technique since this is the type of medium he is.

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