Red Eagle Opening Message "You don’t need to be afraid to be wise." Circle of Light 3/25/20

Red Eagle Channeled by Riz Mirza

Session held on Zoom during Covid-19 quarantine

Malibu CA

Hello I am Red Eagle. You are not disturbed when the seed sprouts into a plant, and the plant sprouts into a tree, and the tree sprouts branches, and the branches bare fruits, and fruits fall to the ground, and you eat them. You are not disturbed when the leaves start to turn dry and brown, and they crinkle, they fall to the ground, and even some branches fall when the cold air comes and the tree is barren. You don’t cry then. You don’t wonder if something is wrong, for you understand it is the nature of nature. You understand how animals behave, for the most part, you understand why it rains, you understand why there are even volcanoes and how the nutrients from deep inside the earth come out of the volcano, and the lava goes down the mountainside so that later the soil is enriched. You know this to be true.

You know, for all of you, there was a first time that you bled from your body. There was a first time when you got a cut on your skin; you may not remember it, but it was a glorious moment in your personal history. Why? Because then your immune system was activated; it was activated to send all the energy and the nutrients in the right blood cells to the source of the wound, to then create a healing, to create the right kind of inflammation to protect the wound, and then also to turn it into a scab where it was then touching oxygen, which helped it to have the healing process. That was a glorious day in your personal history, even though you don’t remember the first time you got cut.

So what is bad, and what is good? It’s something that you will have to navigate in this earthly life, it is a school - this planet - a plane. You know the concept of a plane of existence, it’s the same thing, plane of existence, planet, same word. How long do you have to live before you realize it is a school? It is a school of love and creation, it is a school of understanding how energy works. What is energy you say? Well, it is a force of something that keeps going, like God, and if you don’t believe in God, maybe you believe in energy, maybe energy is your God. The words maybe don’t matter, but what will matter is the feeling behind them. There are many words that friends say to each other or between each other that could sound harmful or angry. iIf you hear one friend say to another, “oh I hate you” does it mean they really hate them? In that moment when the friend says I hate you and they are joking, what they really are saying is, "wow you really got me, you know me.” and they are embarrassed, and actually the words I hate you is kind of an act of love in that moment. You have said it yourself with friends as you’re laughing, you say “oh I hate you” so now, even the word the changes with the vibration and the intent behind it.

Why do we talk about this now? We talk about this now because you are wondering how long this is all going to last. Is it the end of the world? Why is it happening? Every one of you maybe has different theories. Some people believe it is man-made, some people believe it is God-made, some people believe it is conspiracy, some people say it is just science happening, it is the way viruses work. It doesn’t matter what you think about how it happened, but what would be good is if you understand why, if you understand why things happen. Your God does not punish, unless punishment is your God. If you keep punishing yourself and others, always looking to see who did what wrong, probably punishment is your God. Your God is not really the God of love then, because what rules you is your god. So now, what is happening is that people are finding out what their God is. Is fear their god?

What does fear do to the body? What do you think it does? Eventually, it destroys you. How? Because it weakens you. If you’re walking on a tightrope, do you think you should be trembling with fear, or should you be at peace? Which one will get you across? So now, what is happening, is you’re watching fear increase in many people. Some people feel if you are not afraid, you are ignorant, that you better be afraid, because this is real. You know, it can be real, but you don’t need to be afraid. You don’t need to be afraid to be wise.

We are not here to tell you what to do, but you must have self reflection. You must look at yourself and say “hey I keep going with this fear, how long will it last?” Don’t you think fear will accumulate? Eventually, it will tangle you up, and it will take out your support systems. That is how fear works, and you have known this about fear. You’ve lived on the planet a long time, and you still don’t understand how fear works? It will kill you. The only time fear maybe keeps you alive is if you’re afraid the lion is going to eat you, so you run, but even then, you have to take action. How long are you going to keep running? How long will the fear go?

You know fear creates panic. Many of you have had panic attacks, anxiety attacks, heart attacks, you watched it happen to people you know. What is happening right now, like any other event in the lives of people, individually or as a nation, it is to get you to pause, to slow down, to recalibrate the system, to bring oneness to the earth a little bit more. Where else are you going to have oneness right now? Everybody, everywhere is thinking the same thing right now: I want to stay healthy. That is all they’re thinking. Maybe it is to bring consciousness together. At what cost? Any cost.

Who is doing it, that’s up to you, you decide who’s doing it. If it is God, the devil, the wind, science, people against you, secret government, who knows, you decide, then you see what reality is after that.

You can take this time to re-calibrate yourselves. Yet you say, “but I have reality to think about and money is reality.” All right, what are you going to do, you think fear will help you with that or peace of mind, awareness and a clear mind will help you understand how you were going to navigate and re-calibrate your life?

Can you take a breath? Is it taking too long to slow down, how long does it take you to slow down? Maybe this is the time to care for one another. Now you are maybe respecting certain jobs, now people who are of service, people who can work at grocery stores, now maybe they will get a little bit more respect, and people will say hello, how are you, thank you for being here, and so nobody is exempt. Maybe you think the wealthy are exempt, but sooner or later it catches up to everyone.

Our message tonight for you is this - you will decide whether peace, internal peace, is your God or not. You will decide if you’re the ruler of the vibration in your body, not anybody else. No-one else is the ruler of the vibration in your body, you don’t have to be at war with other people for you to rule the vibration of your body, that is self mastery.

I’ll repeat it for you, in case you don’t get it, your self mastery is that your vibration is ruled by you without being at war with anyone, having peace with everybody, blessings, no judgment, welcoming all because this is your school, your class, your path, your course here, everybody’s is.

You see, you have to put your foot down with the belief that makes sense to you. How does something make sense? You would have to start with you chose to be here at this time, all of you. When we get messages to you, we see your soul path; we do not come to interfere. The only destiny you have is the one that you create, but at the same time there’s another path that is open to you; many of you sense that path. Whether it is an internal path, that means how to align yourself with a new direction emotionally, a new way of thinking, or an external path that can be