3/22/20 ~Transcript of the 1st Online Circle of Light after Corona Virus Quarantine

Phinneas & Red Eagle

I am Phinneas. The word evolution is a very interesting one. To evolve means that you are currently in the process of another state of your existence, that to evolve in the physical terms, Darwinian terms perhaps, means that you are moving from one phase of life to another. That perhaps arms will grow on the creature or that the amphibian or the mammal is taking on another form. That which was perhaps flying in the air is now crawling on the ground, that which was crawling upon the ground shall take flight. Plants evolve certainly, in the animal kingdom, creatures evolve, and you are part of these kingdoms, you exist physically within the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom. Everything is alive, and certainly your great teachers have told you this. That even the chair upon which you sit, the clothes upon your bodies, are made of molecules that are teaming with life force energy. 

Perhaps you do not feel that which is considered inanimate is a living thing. You consider sentient beings to be living things, animals, humans; you do not consider plants to be sentient beings. You make distinctions between eating the plant and eating the animal, knowing that they are both alive. So be it, you shall make your choices by which you base your entire navigation of your life, what you deem to be right and wrong. And that is your programming, and of course you have been told what is right and wrong. And yet, that which is deemed proper in certain cultures is not proper in other cultures. Even the way that you are perhaps sitting right now would be considered offensive to a certain culture; and yet, you have no problem with it. You would not be offended if someone sat this way before you. Those of you who have experienced other parts of the world, have learned this either pleasantly or perhaps the hard way, when told that would not be proper. So your entire existence is based upon your reactions to your environment. 

You think today was either a good day, or a bad day, or it was an okay day. By what criterion are judging the quality of this day? That you got what you wanted, in the way that you wanted? Perhaps only 50% or 80%? Or perhaps 100%, so you are very satisfied at the end of the day. That the day was good, you deemed it good. It felt good, and you're "feeling good” is entirely dependent upon whether you think what occurs is good. If it causes you pain, it is not good. If it brings you pleasure, it is good, and yet much of your pleasures have ended up being painful and much of your struggles have ended up being pleasurable, in the resulting succession of realization. 

There are those whom you have met, who you did not like very much at first, and then they became quite close to you, and those with whom you hit it off immediately, they rose and soared and burned out very quickly. Upon which belief are you basing your perception of good or bad? Perhaps some of you are in relationships hoping that it will work out; all relationships work out. Some of them work themselves right out the door. They work out. They are for you. 

There is no such thing as a bad day. Even your death will not be a bad day, unless you feel it is a bad day. Even your birth into this lifetime was your death in another, and yet, you celebrated this birth and others around you celebrated this birth. And even your birth was painful, for you and your mother who birthed you, and yet there was light at the end of that birth canal wasn’t there; the light at the end of the tunnel is the light at the end of the birth canal. And so, how blessed is that canal, if it leads you to the light? Or is only the light blessed? Not the darkness of the womb that’s created the entire experience to be possible? 

Are you constantly waiting through your suffering to see what will happen, you have suffered so much that you are waiting for something to happen, the current state of the consciousness of the world; waiting to see what will happen. If more deaths happen, then more fear. Or perhaps, considering your track records, perhaps more nonchalant behavior as you will grow accustomed to deaths, or what will happen, shall you awaken? Some of you are hoping for a great awakening to occur. How will that awakening happen and for whom? For how long will it last?

Or are you just waiting for it to be over? That somehow it will go away or they will get a hold of it somehow. Who is they? And where did this come from, these situations, never mind the current situation, where has it ever come from? Is it from God? Well let’s think about that for a moment. 

If it is from God, then you would have to look into what you feel your God does? If your God does things to you, or your God has no control over it, or perhaps your God birthed this virus; it is a living being isn’t it? What do you do with this living being? What about bacteria? Are they not living beings? But you wish to end it, you’d rather save a tree, which is also a living being, or perhaps a cow, perhaps you do not wish to eat them. That is a living being, but the bacteria must go. 

What about you? What about your human race? Haven’t they done enough damage? What is the justification of that life? You see the philosophical debate can continue, what is the value of life? And who should be allowed to thrive at all times? What does it mean to thrive? What has become your God as you are observing the current situation around the world. The current situation is that there seems to be a great deal of fear. The fear that is ruling every action and every reaction in the majority of the powers that be certainly. If the powers that be are making fearful moves, then those who are following so do so  too and make the fear more real to them. And whether or not you believe in the dangers of this particular situation, or perhaps you think this will all blow over, or perhaps you feel that this was created by man intended to create some sort of disturbance or control over the population, or perhaps you feel that it was just an act of God and not biology or negligence; we are not here to affirm or to deny any of those reasons, for none are relevant to whether or not you have peace. 

All of you will have different opinions as to why and how and what the truth is here. And yet there is only one truth, and that is whether you have peace or not and that will be the only one truth that will give you your own vibration in your body, and in your heart, day to day, moment to moment, you are in charge as you have always been. You have always been in charge of your vibration, certainly as an adult.

And so what does this mean now? Will you feel better only when the environment changes? What is happening currently is an awakening, slowing down, yes, to the value of oneness as your world, as your life was going very fast. Perhaps you feel it was going too slow, and yet whether it was going too slow or too fast; if it is too slow, you are not present. If it is too fast, you are not present. And so, whatever side of the fence that you are on, the nervous system needs to be in peace. 

There are many facts that can be told to you that would have you spinning in confusion and fear, it depends. You are living with about 1 billion living organisms crawling on your hair and your skin at this very moment, every single one of you. Every single one of you have some parasites in your intestines; it is a natural thing for all beings to have it. Every single one of you has had some cancer cells and have actually beaten them without even knowing. It came and went. 

What will you do living in fear? Right now, you are perhaps angry, bored, wishing for leadership to be powerful, and where will you turn, hoping it will not turn into some disaster film. And what constitutes a disaster film? Certainly that everyone is in fear. Those of you who have been developing and discovering a new philosophy about this current situation, those of you who are already on track to dissect, to take away the red hot energy and to get a cool and peaceful energy, as you of course are aware, aware of your surroundings, perhaps you do not wish to get sick and therefore you are taking your precautionary measures. Do you see my friends, there’s something that is very interesting about the psyche, you may have one set of evidence in one hand, and if your fear is so powerful then that evidence will become the 10 Commandments of your life. 

It does matter what other evidence is shown to you, you may even have a list of evidence. You may have a list, "oh, I have 10 billion organisms on my body at the moment that I can do nothing about, my body is constantly fighting disease on every level, everything I touch is unsanitary, and food is unhygienic in restaurants, if only people knew where that food had been", and it can go on and on and on. And those facts will then determine the power of your nervous system, the strength of your immune system, how can you deny it? 

Your great teachers have told you to slow your mind, to quiet your system, to spend more time being present, to love where you live, to not be afraid of being alone, to cherish the relationships that you have, but you have been too busy. You have a great emergency energy behind so many things in your life, as your collective consciousness as souls creates every mass experience on the planet. 

Politically there are those who are very happy with the current leadership around the world, and yet they are angry as well and fearful aren’t they? They are not celebrating it. It is because the other side is so vocal and so there’s a tension even in that, whether you support the current leadership in any country or yours, or you do not.  

This tension was getting quite a bit too much, don’t you think? And so are you placing your power where you give it away, or are you hoping someone else will take care of it rather than you taking care of yourself, your loved ones, your neighbors, learning their names. You say yes, but I do not wish to lose my home or work, there are great many things you do not wish to lose, and if you feel that there are things that you cannot control, then your own internal spin out shall not assist you. Your peace will assist you to make clear decisions about what you intend to do and peace must be practiced by the individual as well as by nations.

It is clear you need not be confused at this moment. I understand that when any event moves you out of your center, you wish to recenter, you say I wish we could recenter or go back. You are making a grave error in your evolution. When things move you out of your center, it is to bring you to a new center, not to return to some old center whose time has passed, who’s efficacy has expired. 

If you wish to move through this birth canal, then surrender. Surrender to what? You mean give up? Is that what you mean? Have you equated the word surrender with the word to give up? It is very interesting for those of you and your society who are not afraid of this current situation, many of you are deemed ignorant. If you are not afraid, you are ignorant. You must be fearful, and vigilant. Is that your code for life? That you are fearful and vigilant? Or are you open, flexible, peaceful and creative? Which one would you rather have? Do you feel that one is a pipe dream, or fantasy, idealistic nonsense? Or has skepticism become your God?