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I would like to share a personal story with you, some of you know me, I am Oriah, Riz’s wife. After divorcing my last husband in 2009, after trying so hard to make it work and raising five children, and starting up my own business I was emotionally breaking like shattered glass. After decades of working, and the physical toll of the heavy stresses I had in my life, I needed a change desperately. 


After feeling empowered enough to leave my ex-husband, I met Riz. Riz had been traveling for over a decade for the production company he was a part of and was well versed in travel. He began introducing me to different countries, Indian, France, Japan….little by little. We then started taking my older children and it was in those early trips and the amazing things he showed us…I saw life coming back to all of us. 


We didn't just travel for fun, we traveled for the adventure, the education, the enlightenment, the healing and the expansion of our consciousness. Very involved with the cultures we would visit, learning about as many things as we could, taking in the multi-sensory experience. All of us started to change. My children (who were teens and young adults at the time), became different people, and their life choices changed. Their goals, the way they related to others, and even to me changed. I became more heart-centered, I found my imagination again, I found my childhood wonder. I really realized how much travel was an essential part of the human experience to become a well-rounded and compassionate person. 


Since then, Riz and I realized that our shaman work would take on a whole new meaning if we could take groups of seekers to different sacred locations around the world and help them to feel themselves again, feel their heart, heal their wounds, and open their minds. Since then, for almost ten years we have been taking groups of people from 15-24 people public and private to India, Ireland, Japan, Egypt, Costa Rica, and others being planned. Our company Sacred Earth Retreats have taken hundreds of people around the world, helping them heal.


Some people have told us, it wasn't until months or years later that they felt the impact our retreats had on them and they realized how much it changed them. Most people, feel it right away. We help you while you are there, channeling Circle of Light groups and giving messages and readings, helping you work through anything that comes up for you. We have had couples, entire families and individuals. Life-long friendships are made on our retreats. It is one of the pride and joys of a service we offer. Riz (who as you know is a well-known psychic medium and trance channel) and I are grateful to share in your healing experience.


If you would like to join us, please let us know. We have some retreats coming, where we are going to Ireland in June, India in Nov and Egypt in Dec 2022.  

Oriah's personal experience

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