Meditating at Home



This is a school. A school focused on creation. You are the student. The classroom is earth, and your curriculum is your ability to create and be happy and peaceful in your creations. What are your creations? Everything from understanding why you even chose to be here on this “planet’, why you are focused here. How to find peace with your family and parents, and why you agreed and chose to co-create with them.


How you communicate with yourself, how you speak to your own avatar and how you encourage or discourage yourself has a lot to do with what you saw and how you were programmed to do so growing up. How you handle stressful situations and your emotions patterned after what you have seen and your family’s patterns. You are here to ‘wake up’ and accept this fact and understand it is ‘up to you how to change or customize your behavior and your results based on this fact.


Spirituality is understanding your Higher Self, your Higher Self is multi-dimensional and you ‘live’ within many planes of existence with a focused amount of time spent here on earth from the time you wake up until you go to sleep. You are also influenced by your past lives (simultaneous lives) and if you are sensitive enough you can feel the leanings you have, and influence from them. 


Everywhere around you, you have resources and if you utilize them you can start building and creating the life you want. But, what if you lost your spark or you’re lost and confused? Finding a focus on an activity or natural inclination can get you going, for instance, it can be to regain your health, or to go on a trip you have always wanted to take, or to pursue a degree you always wanted to get, or to clean out your garage. You keep moving forward and once in action, you can then regain your spark even if it is very little. 


You are witnessing 7 billion stories of people currently alive right now currently in their creation class building and playing and destroying in their lab. Some people are living life fairly new to this experience ‘a new soul’ and others are more experienced ‘an older soul’ and have returned many, many times. You might be able to feel which one you are. 


Either way, you are learning to be sensitive, and to let go of your ‘death grip’ or ‘control’, so that your Higher Self may guide you. This is your Higher State of Learning, the Higher Vibration you are looking for. If you do this, you enter into your Spiritual PhD program of your ‘School of Life’, this is how you will find success within your being and start to feel peace and the results you are looking for. 


You will feel the intensity of responsibility and awareness of someone getting a Ph.D., but your results will be more refined, less tantrums, less messes, less devastation and less suffering. You start to feel more balanced and relaxed in your body. You will also start to see it is a youth-giving experience, you will age backward as you let go of your fears and worry.


Easier said than done, for sure. But, once you understand this, you can start to ‘unwind’ your nerves and your ‘death grip’ will turn into open hands of giving and receiving. Your world will change around you and within you. You will start to understand this School of Life, the Classroom and how to co-create with others who are doing the exact same thing you are doing. You will learn discernment.


In our years teaching this perspective, you must understand this is very nuanced work. Higher learning always is. Riz and I have been studying with the guides closely in our own personal life and in working with thousands of people how to help people achieve this balanced and harmonious lifestyle. We have many options and ‘services’ to help you achieve your Spiritual goals. This is why we are called Wisdom Teachers, or Spiritual Teachers, Shamans. We offer everything from online video classes you can download right now, to books Riz has channeled and we have written, to our events, international retreats, to meditative Shamanic journeys to more in depth plant medicine-based journeys. We offer phone readings, and downloadable material plus many, many videos on YouTube.


This is all to help you achieve your Higher State of Consciousness. You will start to feel better as you remove yourself from lower vibrational behavior and thoughts such as Victimization, Blame and Anger. You will feel better about yourself and understand more about our current civilization and the civilizations before you. You will ‘Master’ your existence. 


My husband has lost his brother and both parents, and I am an only child and have lost both parents. We run and operate our own private Healing center full time. If we can do it, so can you.


In essence, we teach through our own experiences with grief. trauma, loss and transformation and work with you step by step for you to clear your past patterns in a new and powerful way.  My husband Riz Mirza is a Master Trance Channel and Psychic Medium. I myself am a Master Empathic Intuitive. You may or may not know what you talent is and what you can offer the world, we can help you find this within yourself if you haven’t already. If you are already a Healer, we can help you to expand upon that. We have been solely working as Healers in a professional capacity for over ten years, married and raised five children. 


Let us help you, go to our website and begin your Healing Journey today. Go here.