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Ancient One, angel, angel codes, angelic, Angelic Hosts, angelic messenger, Angelina Heart, antigravity, APOD, appreciate, appreciation, appreciation-gratitude-ecstasy-bliss, April Crawford, archetype, Arcturian, Arcturian Envoy, Arcturian Songs, Arcturian Songs of the Masters of Light, Arcturus, Arcturus Gate, Art of the Genuine, Artainment, artistic, ascend, ascending, ascent, ascension, Ashento, Ashes and Snow, Association of Worlds, associative memories

associative memory complex, astronomy, astronomical, Astronomical Picture of the Day, Astronomical Glossary, astral, astral body, astral plane, astral spirit, astral travel, astral universe, astral world, atmosphere, atmospheric, Attestation Period, attract, attraction, attune, attunement, auric fields, authentic, authentic self, avatar, awaken, awakened Starseed, awakening, awakening Starseeds, awaking soul, Awakening the Tribes of Light, aware, awareness


Bable Fish, Barbara Marciniak, Barbara Marx Hubbard, based in the quantum field, Bashar, behavioral intelligence, behold, beholder, Being, beings of light, belief systems, beliefs and their energy systems, beloved, benevolence, benevolent interdimensional beings, benevolent Star Cultures, benevolent Star Nations, benevolent Star People, beyond Bill Ryan, Billy Meier, biofield, biofields of bliss, bio-inspired computing, biologically-inspired computing, Blake, bliss, blueprint, body-mind, body-mind-heart, body-mind-heart and soul, body-mind-spirit, Bohm, Boris Kipriyanovich, Boriska, Boylan, braid, braided, braiding, Brian Swimme, Bringers of the Dawn, broad-field communication, Bruce Lipton, Buddha, Buddha consciousness, Buddha field, Buddha nature, Buddhism, Burks

“The total number of stars in the universe is greater than all the grains of sand on all the beaches of the planet Earth.”

— Carl Sagan


Call of the Clearest Star, Campbell, Candace Pert, Carl Sagan, castle, catalyst, catalytic, catalytic artwork, catalytic frequencies, catalytic light patterns, catalytic sound patterns, catalytic symbols, catalyze, celebrate, celebration, cellular ecstasy, cellular healing, Celtic Gardens, center, center that is everywhere, centermost, centermost nature, centermost point of our existence, center of stillness, Central Race, Central Sun, Central Universe

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collective human electromagnetic field, Collective Spiritual Center, collective unselfishness, commune, communication, communities, community, compassion, compassionate, complex, compose, composure, computational beauty of nature, computer, computer art, computer graphics, computation, conceive, connection, conscious, conscious alignment, conscious evolution, conscious point of origin, consciousness and energy, consciousness technologies, consistence, consistency, constant change, Contact Us, contemplate, contemplating, contemplation, contemplative, contemplative splendor, continuous creation, continuous creation cosmology

converge, convergence, corridors of time, COSM, cosmic, cosmic being, cosmic energy, cosmic family, cosmic harmony, cosmic identity, cosmic integration, cosmic journey, cosmic light, cosmic philosophy, cosmic rainbow, cosmic self, cosmic splendor, Cosmic Unified Field, cosmic unity, cosmic voyage, cosmogony, cosmology, cosmos, Crawford creating future realities, creating holographic realities, creating holographic worlds, Creating Personal Reality, creating reality, Creation is aware, Creation is intelligent, creation techniques, creational energy, creative, creative consciousness, creative energy, creative energy of beliefs, creative thought, Creator

Creator-Perceiver, Creator’s Game, Crimson Circle, crop circle, crown chakra, crystal amplifier, crystal bowls, crystal charging, crystal clearing, crystal energy, crystal generator, crystal grid, crystal healers, crystal healing, crystal keepers, crystal magicians, crystal memories, crystal pathway, crystal people, crystal programming, crystal resonance, crystal transmitter-receiver, crystal workers, crystalized belief systems, crystalline, custom-made, custom-made environments, custom-made environments for you to experience, custom-made realities

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distance healing, distinguishable oneness, Divine Cosmos, Divine Counselors, Divine Father, Divine Father Light, divine feminine, divine impulse, divine masculine, divine message, divine messenger, Divine Mother, Divine Mother Light, Divine Plan, Divine Presence, Divine Purpose, dna frequencies, dna template, dna vibration, Downloads, dream, dream-energy-complex, dream fields, Dreaming-Bear, Dreaming-Bear Kanaan, Duane Elgin, dynamic

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Albert Einstein said ...

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mystical. It is the source of all true art and science.”

“The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing knowledge.”


Earth, earth grid, Earthfiles, earthly existence, Eckhart Tolle, ecology, ecosystem, ecstatic creations, ecstatic creations of reality, Einstein, electrogravity, electromagnetic, electromagnetic exchange, electromagnetic field, Elgin, Elohim, EM, Emanuel, Emanuel Swedenborg, embrace the rainbow, EMF, emissary, empathic, empathic orchestration, empathetic vibration, empathy, empty, emptiness, emotion, emotional

emotional complex, emotional harmonics, emotional metabolism, emotional stream, enchanted, enchanted awareness, enchanted consciousness, enchanted love, encyclopedia, Encyclopedia of Life, energetic, energetic ecosystem, energetic habitat, energetic healing, energetic heart, energetic merging, energetic metabolism, energetic packages, energetic psychology, energetic pulsations, energetic streams, energetic systems, energetic platform, energetic signature, energetic-spiritual platform, energetic touchstones

energetic transformation, energy body, energy complex, energy field, energy harmonics, energy healing, energy of beliefs, energy of equality, energy of neutrality, energy psychology, energy systems, energy transformation, enlighten, enlightenment, enliven, entangled, entanglement, entangled dreams, entangled experiences, entangled hearts, Entangled Hearts Community, entangled memories, entangled minds, entangled thoughts, entangled visions, entity, entrain, entrainment, entrance, envision, esoteric, Essassani, Esther, Esther Hicks

Eternal Being, Eternal Heart, eternal now, eternal presence, eternal soul, etheric, etheric beings, etheric realms, event strings, Event Temples, EventTemples, every change is a total change, evolution and the concept of time, evolution of consciousness, evolutionary catalyst, evolving awareness, exo-biology, exo-anthropology, exo-politics, exploratory consciousness, exploring holographic worlds, eternal love, everthing and nothing simultaneously, extrasensory, extrasensory perception, extraterrestrial contact, extraterrestrial visitation

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fabric of nature, fabric of soul, fabric of the Universe, family, Family of Light, family of souls, fate, Father Light, feminine, Fern, Fern Kazlow, fields of dreams, fields of vibration, filaments, Finding My Inner Father, fine tune, finite > infinity, finite is contained in infinity, First Beings, First Point, First Source, Flower of Life, Flower of the Cosmos, flowering awareness, flowering consciousness, flying consciousness, flying saucer, focus of attention, focused attention, follow your heart, forgive, forgiveness, forgiving, formless, formless ocean, formless Self, fragment of First Source, fragment of God, fragment of soul, fragrant mystic universe, Fred Burks

free art, Free Downloads, free greeting card, free mystical art, free mystical art downloads, free posters, free printable greeting cards, free screensavers, free soul art, free soul art downloads, free spiritual art, free spiritual art downloads, free spiritual essays, free spiritual greeting cards, free spiritual posters, free visionary art, free visionary art downloads, free visionary art greeting cards, freedom of thought, frequencies, frequency, frequency domain, frontier, frontiers of consciousness, frontiers of culture, frontiers of technology, functional center of consciousness, functional clusters, future, futurism

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glossary, God, God fragment, God-Mind, God-Mind Consciousness, God-Mind Intelligence, God particle, God presence, God presence within, God-Spirit-Soul Complex, God Whispers to Me, Goddess, Goddess of Light, Goddess of Love, Gold Ring, Gone are the days, goose bumps, Grand Awakening, Grand Presence of the Universe, Grand Portal, Grand Unification, Grand Universe, grateful, gratefulness, gratitude, Great Story, Gregg Braden, Grey, greeting cards, group electromagnetic field

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Heart Womb of the Creator, heartbreaking beauty, heartbreakingly beautiful, Heartmath, Heart’s Crown, heaven, heaven on Earth, heavenly realms, heavenly worlds, HEF, Hicks, hierarchy, high culture, higher frequency energy systems, higher frequencies, Higher Mind, Higher Mind conceives, Higher Self,holo, hologram, holographic, Holographic Alignment, holographic awareness, holographic consciousness, holographic creation, holographic dreams, holographic dream programs, holographic ecosystem, Holographic Energy Alignment, holographic environment, Holographic Heart Alignment, Holographic Hearts, Holographic Heart Sessions, holographic healing, holographic images, holographic imagery

holographic nature, holographic reality, holographic replay, Holographic Replay Technique, holographic thought programs, holographic thoughts, holographic thought bubbles, holographic universe, holographic vision, holographic worlds, holographic worlds of vibration, honest, honesty, honor, horizon, how, HST, Hubble, Hubble Space Telescope, Hu, human, human atmosphere, human domain, human instrument, human species, human template, humanity, humankind, humble, humility, humanity ascending

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incubator, indigo, indigo child, infinite, infinite energy, infinite intelligence, infinite number of time directions, infininite parallel dimensions, infininite parallel realities, infininite parallel universes, infinite peace, infinite possibilities, infinite space, infinite space ... zero time, infinite time, infinite time velocity, Infinite Being, infinite thought, infinite thought sequence, infinite universe, infinite universes, infinitely, infinitely-well orchestrated universe, infinity, infinity > finite, infinity contains the finite, infinity exists first, infinity of time, inner alchemy, inner being, inner cosmos, inner culture, inner environment, inner existence, Inner Father, inner gateway, inner journey, inner landscape, inner life, inner light, inner light network, inner music, inner nature, inner orientation

inner point of origin, inner portal, inner portal to the SCN, inner reality, inner realm, inner self, inner sounds, inner space, inner splendor, inner star gate, inner stargate,inner technologies, inner theater, inner travel, inner universe, inner world, inner vision, inner voyage, innermost, innermost nature, inspire, inspired media, inspired tv, inspired video, inspiration, inspirational, inspirational art, inspirational creations, inspirational energy, inspirational media, inspirational projects,

inspirational stories, inspirational tv, Institute of Noetic Sciences, integrate, integration, intelligence of attunement, Intelligent Infinity, Intelligent Soul Language, intention, interconnected, interdimensional, interdimensional allies, interdimensional communication, interdimensional domains, interdimensional portal, interdimensional realms, interspecies communication, Interface Zone

intergalactic, intergalactic beings, Intergalactic Brotherhood, intergalactic civilizations, intergalactic communication, Intergalactic Federation of Sovereign Planets (IFSP), intergalactic travel, internal silence, internal stillness, interplanetary, interplanetary contact, Interstellar Alliance, Interstellar Alliance Council, interwoven, intuition, intuitional intelligence, intuitive, invitation to vastness, inward orientation, IONS, IS-BE (aka: Immortal Spiritual Being), Ish, Isis, ISL, It-Self

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James, James Clerk Maxwell, James of the Wingmakers, Jane Roberts, Jean Houston, Jerry Hicks, jewel in the center of the lotus, John Hagelin, Joseph Campbell, Joseph Campbell Foundation, journey of creation, journey of the heart, journey of the heart and mind, journey within, journeys of discovery, journeys of exploration, journeys of the soul, Jungle Woman

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kaleidoscopic vision, Karl Pribram, Kazlow, Kazlow Method, Kerry Cassidy, Know Thyself

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“The heart and brain systems were designed to enable those who were able to apply their imaginations from the core heart frequencies to access the higher frequency, higher intelligence of the genetic mind. This access made them the prophets and philosophers of humanity-the wisdom bearers that elevated all of humanity.”

— Lyricus Teaching Order


language of Light, language of Love, Laurel Mellin, Law of Allowing, Law of Attraction, Law of Love, Law of One, laws of interplanetary contact, LeBuono, lenticular, lifestream, lifetime, light as a feather, light beings, light body, light body activation, light body ascension, light-encoded, light-encoded filaments, light-energy-complex, light grid, Light of the Jungle Woman, light orbs, light workers, Liminal, Liminal Cosmogony, Linda Moulton Howe, linear time

Links, Liquid Buddha, Living from the Heart, Living Library, living presence of Source, local multiverse, local universe, locational signature, love, lovers of Love, love of silence, love of stillness, love of the stillness of the Universe, loving electromagnetic field, loving energy, loving heart, loving kindness, loving thoughts, luminous, Lyricus, Lyricus Discourses, Lyricus Planetary Council, Lyricus Teaching Order

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mind stream, minutia, minutia of the esoteric, mirage, mirror neurons, mirroring, moat, most ancient navigator, MOTE, Mother Earth, multi-dimensional, multidimensional, multidimensional beings, multidimensional brotherhood, multidimensional civilizations, multidimensional communication, multidimensional holographic consciousness, multidimensional nature of the soul, multidimensional quantum reality, multidimensional reality, multidimensional Self

multidimensional travel, multidimensional understanding, Mother Earth, Mother Light, multimedia, multiple existences, multiple selfs, multiple simultaneous incarnations, multiple timelines, multiple worlds, multiverse, multiverse of the One Light-Source, mystery of love, mystic, mystic child, mystic poet, mystic poetry, mystic universe, mystic universe of unity, mystical art, mystical experience, mystical poetry, myth, mythical, mythology

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natural presence, natural vibration, navigate, navigator, nebula, negative energy, negative feelings, negative orientation, negative sources, negative thoughts, negatively oriented, net of gems, neurophysiology, neuroscience, neurotransmitter, neutral frequency, neutral heart, neutral heart technique, neutral orientation, neutral zone, neurochemical, neuroelectric, neurotransmitter, neutrality, new domains of feeling, new domains of imagination, new domains of thinking, News, New Earth, New Psychology, Nishimuta, Night Music, no time, Nobel Prize, noetic, noetic science, non-material, non-physical, non-physical reality, non-physical Self, non-physical universe, NOVA Science NOW, nowness

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OB, OBE, observatories, observatory, Observer, ocean of life, ocean of love, off-world civilizations, off-world cultures, Offspring of First Source, Offspring of God, Offspring of the Heavens, OLIN, OLIN Technology, One Consciousness, One Heart, One Intelligence, One Light-Source, One Soul, oneness, Ongoing Moment of Creation, online store, orbs, orbs of consciousness, orbs of light, orchestrate, orchestration, orchestration of the universe, orientation

orientation of the desires, orientation of the heart, orientation of the mind, oriented to First Source, oriented to love, oriented to Oneness, oriented to stillness, oriented to soul awareness, oriented to unity and wholeness, origin point, original nature, out of body, out of body experience, Out of the Deep Blue, Oversoul, Oversoul matrix

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paradigm, paradigm shift, parallel dimensions, parallel realities, parallel universes, particle of First Source, particle of God, particle of soul, path through the redwoods, pathway, pathway to the stars, pathway to transformation, peace, peace of the universe, peace within, peaceful, PEERS, perceive, perceiver, Perceiver-Creator, perception, permission, permission slips, perseverance, persevering, personal archetype, personal electromagnetic field, Personal Inner Hologram, personal mythology, personal Oversoul, personal reality

“Awaken, dear friends, within this dream and realize that it is your duty and responsibility as human beings to imagine and visualize a safe world. It will be as you decree, and your own experience will thus reflect it.”

— The Pleiadians

personal window of awareness, personal window to the holographic universe, personalities, personality, personality stream, perspective, Pete Peterson, Philip Krapf, physical dimension, physical mind, physcial brain receives, physical mind perceives, physical orientation, physical perspective, physics, picture of the day, PIH, pineal gland, placebo, placebo effect, planetary grid, planetary systems, playing in the inner fields of energy, playing the Creator’s Game, Pleiadians, Pleiadian Keys, poetry, point of origin, points of vibrational relativity, portal, portal of experience, portal to other dimensions, portal to other lifetimes, portal to other worlds, positive attitude

positive electromagnetic field, positive dreaming, positive energy, positive feeling, positive news tv, positive orientation, positive psychology, positive sources, positive thinking, positive tv, positively oriented, power of imagination, power of love, power of positive energy, power of positive feeling, power of positive thinking, power of silence, power of stillness

practicing patience, prana, presence, presence of allowance, presence of Source, present moment, Pribram, Prime Creator, Prime Radiant, primordal, primordal force, primordal imprint, primordal silence, Project Camelot, psychic abilities, psychic ability, psychic complex, psychic energy, psychic environment, psychic healing, psychic metabolism, psychic nature, psychic power, psychic reality, psycho-coherence, psycho-dynamic, psycho-navigation, psycho-spiritual, psycho-spiritual experience, psychology

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QCS, Qi, Qigong, Qi Gong, quantum, quantum being, quantum communication, quantum computation, quantum computer, quantum community, quantum communities, quantum consciousness, quantum domain, quantum entanglement, quantum field, quantum field based, quantum field address, quantum healing, quantum hologram, quantum leap, quantum library

quantum moment, quantum nature, quantum network, Quantum Pause, quantum physics, quantum presence, quantum reality, quantum realities, quantum sea of light, quantum self, quantum storage bank, quantum superposition, qubit, Questions & Answers, quiet center, Quiet Center of Stillness, quiet heart, quiet mind, Quiet Thunder of the Heart

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Ra, radiant being, radiant form, radiant goddess, Radiant Goddess of the Central Sun, reality of soul, reality of spirit, reality creation, reality re-creation, Reading Instructions, realized being, realms of the Central Sun, realms of the Night Music, realms of Sounding Fire, reborn, red tantra, redwoods, reflect, reflecting, reflection, Regency Star Council, Register for Updates

reincarnation, reincarnational theme, remote healing, remote influencing, remote sensing, remote viewing, resonance identification, resonant communities, resonant community, Resonant Family, resonant family energy system, resonant family metabolism, resonant family telepathic network, Resonant Families, resonant heart, resonant signature, resonant transference, resonate, resonating, resonating fields, resonating heart, Resources, revelation, Richard Boylan, Rise of the Radiant Goddess, Rising Heart, Rumi

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sacred, Sacred Animal Songs, sacred psychology, sacred sexuality, Sananda, Sassani, say yes to love, science of the energetic heart, science of the heart, science of multidimensional reality, science of multiple dimensions, science of the soul, Searching for the Goddess of Light, SCN, secret, secret root, SECU, seeding future experiences, seeding future realities, Self, self-analysis, self-awareness, self-healing, self-healing arts, self-healing artist, self-help, self-image, self-orchestration, self-organization, self-realization, self-realized, sensory data streams

serene countenance, serenity, seretonin, Seth, Seth Speaks, Services offered by Teka Luttrell, setup future experiences, setup future realities, Seventh Super Universe, SFT, Sgt. Clifford Stone, shaman, shamanic, shamanic healing, shaping future realities, shaping reality with beliefs, shaping the future, shared energy, shared energies, shared feelings, shared memories, shared thoughts, sharing, shepherd, shepherd of wholeness, shift, Shift in Action

Shining Ones, signature vibration, silence of the universe, silence within, silent wonder, simultaneous existences, simultaneous incarnations, simultaneous lifetimes, simultaneous multidimensional selves, Sirius, Sirius Star Council, Sirius star system, Sirian, Six Heart Virtues, sixth sense, social energy, social energy complex, social memory, social memory complex, social stability, solar, solar energy, solar power, Solution, Sollena, Sollena K. Morginn, Son of Light, song of the soul, Song of Whales, songs, Songs of Malantor, soul, soul awareness, soul blueprint

soul braiding, soul carrier, soul communication, soul connection, Soul Connection TV, soul consciousness, Soul Connection Network, soul energy, soul-energy-complex, soul family, soul fragment, soul frequency, soul mate, soul mate love, soul memories, soul merging, soul network, soul oriented, soul particle, soul personality, soul resources, soul searching, soul song, soul stories, soul theater, soul theme, soul to soul, Soul TV, soul vibration, Soulfood, Soulfood Media, soulful, soulmate, soulmate love, soul’s reality, sound, sound-energy-complex, sound theater, Sounding Fire, soundscape, Source

source codes, source intelligence, Source Reality, sovereign entity, Sovereign Entities of the Central Universe (SECU), Sovereign Integral, Sovereign Integral Consiousness, Sovereign Integral Network, sovereignty, space-time, space-time coordinates, space-time illusion, space telescope, spiral of infinite ascension, Spirals of the Creators, spiraling up, spirit, spirit beings, spirit orbs, spiritual, spiritual adoration, spiritual art, spiritual articles, spiritual being, spiritual catalyst, Spiritual Center, Spiritual Center of the individual, spiritual ecstasy, spiritual energy, spiritual essays, spiritual evolution

spiritual expedition, spiritual journey, spiritual metabolism, spiritual network, spiritual path, spiritual pathway, spiritual platform, spiritual presence, spiritual purification, spiritual reality, spiritual realm, spiritual science, spiritual teacher, spiritual transformation, Spitzer, Spitzer Space Telescope, Spoken Word, SST, Star Children, Star Council, Star Cultures, Star Families, Star Family, Star Family connection, Star Family energy, Star Family history, Star Family holographic realities, Star Family metabolism, Star Family orientation, star-laden galaxies, Star Nations, Star People, Star Seeds, star systems, star tetrahedron, Star Visitors, stargate, stargate within the torroidal field, Starseed, starship

stellar nursery, stellar pathway, stillness, stillness of being, stillness of the universe, stillness within, stories, Stories for Transformation, story telling, storytelling, subtle energy body, subtle energy light body, subtle energy systems, subtle light body, summon, summoning, super-cosmic, super-cosmic symphony, super culture, super natural, super nova, super universe, superculture, superluminal, Supreme Being

survival dominated reality, survival mind, survival oriented, survival perspective, survival reality, Swedenborg, Swimme, Symmetry of Spheres, sympathy, symphony, sync, synchronize, synchronization

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tantra, tantra love, tantra temples, tantric, tantric lovers, Tao, Taoist, Taoist Master, Taoist Practitioner, teach, teacher, Teachers of Light, teaching, technology, Teka, Teka’s art, Teka’s poetry, Teka’s Services, Teka’s Soul Stories, Teka’s Twin Flame Poetry, tel-empathic, tel-empathic resonance, telepathic, telepathy, teleport, teleportation, template, temples, temporal, temporary, terra, terra-earth, terrestrial, tetrahedron, The Gold Ring, the individual and the One simultaneously, the infinite is unchangeable (only the finite is changeable), The Leaf, The Meditating Infinite, The One, The One Consciousness, The Solution, The Teaching of Little Crow, theaters of the soul, third dimension, third eye, thought bubbles, thought-energy-complex, thought field, thought transference, tight-field communication, time dilation, time travel, time traveler, time tunnel, timeless, timeless nature, timeless reality, timelessness, timeline

tonal radiance, tone of equality, torroidal, torroidal field, touchstone, trance, tranquil, tranquility, transdimensional, transformation arts, transformation artist, transformation self-healing artist, Transformation, Transformation Team, Transforming Heart, Traveler of the Sky, traveling consciousness, tree, Tree of Life, Tribes of Light, Tributary Zones, true nature, true nature of love, true Self, tuning-in, tunneling through time, Twin Flame, Twin Flame Double Helix, Twin Flame energy, Twin Flame energy matrix, Twin Flame Heart, Twin Flame Heart Womb, Twin Flame love, Twin Flame physics, Twin Flame torroidal field, Twin Flame Union, Twin Flames

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unconditional love, unconditional oneness, understanding of the heart, understanding of the soul, Unification Healing Matrix, unified field, Uniting Twin Flames, unity and wholeness, universal awareness, universal consciousness, universal law, universal love, universal mind, universal oneness, universal peace, universal silence, universal stillness, universal stillness within, universe of stillness within, Universe of Wholeness, unmanifest, upward spiral

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valor, vastness of inner space, Verdants, Veronica, vibrant energetic packages, vibrating energies, vibrating holographic worlds, vibrating worlds, vibration of love, vibration of neutrality, vibration of Source presence, vibrational ecosystem, vibrational habitat, vibrational signature, video, video theater virtuous self-expression, Vision of Mantustia, visionary art, Visionary Art Greeting Cards, visual catalyst, visual stimulation, visual essays, void, vortex, voyage

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Wanderers, warm-hearted, waveform, waveforms of energy, waveforms of accelerated evolution, waves of energy, Wayshowers, we are lovers of Love, web tv, webtv, What I Will Do, What’s New, What’s New & More, which-when-how, Which-When-How Practice, white tantra, wholeness, Wholeness Navigator, wholeness perspective

Whole Self, wholism, wholistic, William Blake, Wingmakers, Wingmakers’ Materials, Wingmakers’ Philosophy, wisdom bearer, wisdom of the heart, wisdom of the soul, Within the Beholder, Woman Castle & Moat, wombat, woods, word art, worlds of deep silence, worlds of cosmic beauty, worlds of vibration, worlds of wonder

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Yael, Yael and Doug Powell, you are a Creator, you are a quantum being, you are an immortal spiritual being, you are an offspring of the Creator of the Universe ... and you have Its abilities, You called me from within, You come from the Family of Light


zero point, zero point field, zero time, Zoe, Zoe Ann, Zoe Ann Nishimuta

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3rd dimension, 4th dimension, 5th dimension, 6 Heart Virtues, 6th dimension, 6th sense, 7th dimension, 7th Super Universe, 8th dimension, 9th dimension, 12-strand dna, 63, 2012, 2080