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Considered one of the best trance channels of our time, Psychic Medium and Trance Channel Riz Mirza delivers messages through spirit guides for the planet. What does all this mean? From the Corona Virus to the elections - what should we believe and how do we stay sane and Peaceful in all this chaos? Riz channeled a special hour-long message from the Spirit Guides on the entire pandemic situation.

PAST: Join along with Riz as we send our positive, loving, healing energy to the planet--join us Live Monday, the 16th at 8pm on Facebook with Trance Channel/Medium and RIz Mirza.




More than ever we need to come together spiritually - let’s connect in a collective consciousness and meditate on healing and empowering a global awakening of new energy and the pure vibration of love gratitude and peace. We will set powerful intentions and center ourselves and send healing to all who Need it.




Black Washed Wall

"Riz is the real deal. And the loving community he has created via the Circle of Light gatherings is nothing short of magical. I'd heard about Riz and Red Eagle for some time through several of my trusted friends until I finally felt the urge to check it out myself.

I'm a very open-minded person, yet I am discerning at the same time... and I have to say, the whole experience of the Circle of Light evenings is really something everyone should experience."

-Rocio Villalobos

"It's been life changing for me."

~Jessie, California

I don’t normally give out recommendations and endorsements but in this case I must. I highly recommend anyone, everyone get in contact with Riz, for he will give them information that will help them to make their lives a better place. Riz has an ability to touch you on multiple levels and bring you closer to YOU and the great spirit that commands us all."

- Bryan Bowden

CIO/CTO Bronxville Paranormal Society BPS

“You are fierce in your commitment to self and love.  I hope to see you this evening and look forward to it!  Thank you with all of my heart!”

~Christine, California

"Quite honestly, I do not write reviews. Restaurants, locations, etc. But after having a personal Reading with Riz, I was astounded and received slight closure I needed. I booked a reading with Riz seeking to find a medium with a skeptical state of mind. My boyfriend had died suddenly and I needed any grieving person's question answered.


I booked a reading without informing Riz of who I was, why I had scheduled a reading. I gave him my common last name, not my business one and expected a cold reading. The man had me in tears giving me quotes, names, and detailed locations of my boyfriend.  

Even things I didn't know of my boyfriend his own family had to confirm. His humble personality and the actual gift should be embraced. Please arrive with a skeptical state of mind and make your own decisions. I recommend a reading with him 100%."

Stacy, California

"Riz is an amazing person Who is truly gifted. I lost my grandfather who was very close to me. I had no closure and lived with regret every day for four years. Two minutes into my meeting he was able to channel my grandfather.


He was saying things no one would know but my grandfather and I. I laughed and cried the whole time. It was a life changing experience that I will never forget. I have referred a hand full of people to him and they are all blown away. Don't hesitate to make an appointment do it now! You will be so happy you did!!!"

~Kendall, California

"It was magical!" ​~Joanne, Arizona

Create a world where anything is possible, and love and magic prevail. 

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