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01  Some have risen beyond their challenges. Not despite it.

An opportunity for you to get to know yourself better and to answer these questions, so you can find deeper magic within.

This recording of Merlin is the beginning of one of the earlier talks he had with Riz & Oriah at the Circle of Light. 


Channeled by Riz Mirza

Red Eagle Ranch, Malibu


Here is the first portion of the Merlin transmission during channeling:


"I am Merlin. Welcome. There are those amongst you who have strived in their lives to overcome many a difficulty – those amongst you in your society that you refer to as survivors, champions, as those who have won against all odds. 


Those who have risen to the challenge, indeed, moved far beyond the challenge. Some who have had physical challenges, or ailments, perhaps they were born without the use of their limbs, or one of their senses – their eyes, their vision, their hearing, and so on. And yet, many of these individuals have gone on to learn, to create – whether it is a song, or a structure, or an empire. 


They have done so, some of you say, despite their challenge, despite their disability. But we, from our perspective would not say that. Indeed we would say, because of it.


 Because of the challenge, they have risen beyond it, not despite it."



How do you rise above your challenges? How do you use adversity and trauma to help form who you are in a positive way, using it as the ingredients to a more masterful...wise you?


A crucial teaching, one of the fundamentals of Conscious Creation. To first understand this you must know, that everything is for you. 

Not against you. 


Easy to say, but hard to believe. But, if you take one of your most traumatic experiences; and look for the positive and what you received from that experience that helped you, you will start to see the benefits. 


The first step to being a master Magician is transmutation. The art of taking energy and transforming it from one thing to another. What once was the worst thing that happened to you, can be an opening to a new world.  


Start with one traumatic experience and write down how you feel it could be looked at in a positive light, to see what wisdom did you gain from this experience. Try to be as open and sincere as possible, so you can really learn to heal your wounds. This is part of magical teachings of Merlin.

You can write in a journal or a word document. 

02  How do heroes enter the equation?

Does the world need heroes? Indeed it does. Not to save you from others, but from yourselves, from the darkness, from the fear.

An opportunity for you to get to know yourself better and to answer these questions, so you can find deeper magic within.

So we spoke of Challenges in the previous Section. So what do Heroes have anything to do with challenges? Well, Merlin has quite a way with words, so let's listen what he says next:


"What causes this? What was it, in fact, what was the design that the great Creator had in mind? What did She think this would do? 


Was this simply evolution, that those who are finding an empty space, a slot – to fill it in some way – that there was a need for a hero and so those souls were born into the avatar of being such a person. 


Does the world need heroes? Indeed it does. Not to save you from others, but from yourselves, from the darkness, from the fear. Certainly, darkness in this conversation does not refer to evil, but to energies that prevent you from rising into your higher selves – which should be and is your purpose to be in this school that you call Earth. "



Having heroes can be fun, intimidating, scary, private and sometimes disappointing. But, having heroes, keeps us 'in the game' so to speak. Why? Because they came before us, they showed us a side of ourselves that we may never express in a way we may never express ourselves here in this 3 D experience on Earth.


We get to live vicariously through them, but they also can guide us, and show us what to do, and what not to do. Like an older sibling that has more experience. We love our heroes, the more the better. It keeps us alive and fresh. When you stop having heroes you already are shutting down. 


Merlin knows that this is part of the alchemy. There are no accurate descriptions on the internet of the world Alchemy used in this sense, so we will give it to you here.

It is the transmutation of thoughts, feelings and emotions and turning it into gold, into pure love and joy. Taking a negative and turning it into a positive. Beautiful, right?


So heroes play a role in this. They are the mirror, the reflection of Self in all of our multi-dimensional glory. The more you see yourself, the better, right? So begin the magicians journey, the way of the wizard is to create. Let's start by you listing all of your heroes currently. Explain next to their names, why you like them. Then, put the one's you don't like anymore and why. You are getting closer to understanding the giant mirror you are looking straight into. 

03  Insurmountable Odds. Are they against you? 

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