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Riz has an incredible gift that is truly life-altering. His energy is palpable and his attention to each individual in a session is extraordinary. I was refreshed with a new sense of freedom and perspective on life after the incredible journey Riz gave our group when he channeled Red Eagle"


- Jen Svejda

"A true healing soul. You can feel his gentle electricity recreate you into the person you were meant to be. A genuine gift."

- Ronald Murphy

"It was magical!" 

~Joanne, Arizona

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The Magical Realm is a transformational, healing program of spiritual mentorship one-on-one with Riz. Your life-changing journey begins when you uncover the magical realms that live within you that have been undiscovered. But, first, you must reveal the magic within. In this intensive course that lasts from weeks to years, Riz customizes a powerful and cosmic journey that will transform the very cells of your body.


You will uncover and discover the hidden depths of your spiritual DNA, your thought patterns and beliefs, your story of you and ask yourself to surrender what is outdated to reveal the masterful you. Custom packages are created and delivered to you consistently and regularly over time so you may experience the shedding, the unveiling, the unwinding, and the most loving nature that you are. Riz will help you get there with over a decade of masterful healing spiritual journeys, reprogramming sessions, channeling circles, private one-on-one sessions, retreats and more...your new life will be rejuvenated and powerful revealed to you. 

Your Membership

Get ready to launch! By joining The Magical Realm Club, you will be discovering your authentic Highest Self. You will be receiving newsletters that update you regularly on the various Circle of Light master trance channeling circles around So. California, the various retreats around the world and encouraging information to light your heart on fire. You will also be in direct contact with Riz to begin your journey as he starts you on your process of rejuvenation and recalibration through healing master shaman journeys one-on-one in person.


You will also be given in-depth feedback and guidance of your life as you learn to navigate your inner worlds through master psychic and clairvoyance mediumship sessions. You will be given first choice pick to all first-class spiritual wellness retreats around the world where Riz will master channel at the Great Pyramids in Egypt, in color in Holi in India, in the middle of ancient stone circles in Ireland, horseback riding in the Himalayas, or in a powerful rainstorm in the tropics. Your senses will be enlivened and your majesty and the luxury of your being will return to you. Be in awe as Riz delivers to you written word, audio, video and in-person training and mentorship as he guides you masterfully through your unveiling. (All retreats are on a case-by-case basis right now due to current events, but are continuing as soon as cleared to do so.)

Welcome to the Magical Realm where your dreams really do come true.

Over a decade in healing Service to the community


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