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Riz Mirza

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Masterclass of Spiritual Transformation

Welcome! Riz Mirza is an internationally-known, master full trance channel, psychic medium, shaman and spiritual teacher. A powerful and loving guide, Riz helps you transform, reprogram yourself and heal through one on one transformational sessions and advance metaphysical communication through his weekly trance channeling Circle of Light gatherings, phone sessions and group special events. A naturally born and gifted metaphysician, Riz also helps amplify the techniques of professional healers, shamans, artists, psychologists, therapists and addiction counselors for stronger connection and success for their clients.

He co-leads and operates an intimate private healing center with his wife Oriah Mirza, in beautiful Malibu, CA. Yearly retreats to India, Egypt, Ireland, Japan and Costa Rica fill quickly and space is limited, so contact today. Please take a look at the many services we offer at Red Eagle Ranch.


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Your biggest blessing is knowing you create your own reality.

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Riz is the real deal. And the loving community he has created via the Circle of Light gatherings are nothing short of magical.
— R. Villabos
His channeling comes from the divine magnificence and the messages you receive are thought provoking and may challenge you to become the best you can be. If you are playing small, it may be revealed to you. However, if you are moving into your greatness, that will be confirmed too. If you are looking for a fantastic teacher, Riz is it!
— Sharon Cromartie
Wherever you are on your journey Riz, Chief Red Eagle and Oriah will meet you and hold out their hands for you with love, compassion and potent guidance. Back in 2012 I knew that I needed a quickening and I certainly got more than what I had envisioned! They are spiritual teachers of teachers. Now I’m a teacher too!
— Katherine Potter
I really enjoyed my super moon meditation gathering I appreciated everything that you said and all the words of wisdom:) and when it was my turn every thing you shared was very true and exactly what I needed to hear that no one would have known about me or my life .... then when you channeled my dad and all the things I needed to hear, everything was so real and so real there was no way anyone would have known all that so I was shaken by it ... amazing experience for sure thank you so much I also felt connected to everyone there and felt that what you were telling them was also things I needed to hear as well
— Bahareh Razi Set
Psychic medium & Trance Channel Riz Mirza
Shamans Riz and Oriah Mirza

Shamans Riz and Oriah Mirza