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Riz Mirza is a renowkned psychic medium. Sessions available in person, by phone and skype. Location Malibu, CA

A new day... A new freedom... A return to your True Self.


Riz was the first live channel I ever sat with he is truly authentic opening for spirit to move through with the divine playful message of Chief Red Eagle who told me things that are manifesting quickly in my life WOW. Thanks Riz and Red Eagle, I am naming our yoga studio here in Orange Hill, Jamaica the Red Eagle Studio.
— Yvette V

Riz is an internationally-known master trance channel, psychic medium, shaman /spiritual teacher.

A powerful and loving guide, Riz teaches healing, re-programing and metaphysics through his channeling circles and private and group healing services and sessions. He helps amplify the mastery and techniques of professional healers, psychologists, therapist and addiction counselors for stronger connection to their clients.

He co-leads with his wife Oriah Mirza, in beautiful Malibu, CA. They open their private residence to the public for a safe and sacred healing and sanctuary Monday thru Friday year round for the last 10 years. Together they offer International retreats to India, Egypt, Ireland, Japan and Costa Rica. Please take a look at the many services Riz and Oriah offer to help you find your True Self.

Love is the truth and the Truth is Love.

Bless You.

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Considered one of the best Trance Channels of our time, Psychic Medium Riz Mirza has transformed thousands of lives, unlocking the deep and powerful mysteries that lie within all of us. During the last decade, Riz has channeled almost 1000 public Circle of Light gatherings with his message bearer Red Eagle, in addition to many other Advanced Master Spirit Guides.

Through his channeling, he shares an indescribable force of love and a powerfully meaningful approach to life that has inspired many. His highly requested channeling sessions provide an ecstatic atmosphere of rest and rejuvenation, while receiving empowering life healing messages that will create positive change in your life forever.  Join us for this relatable and uniquely introspective experience.

Riz hosts psychic development workshops, meditation classes, private coaching, and healing circles. Services include psychic readings both in person and remotely via phone or Skype, international retreats, workshops, gatherings, sound baths and more.

Riz’s wife Oriah Mirza Lifestyle Site.

Riz’s wife Oriah Mirza Lifestyle Site.

Compared to Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts, Psychic Medium & Trance Channel Riz Mirza is now considered one of the world's best living Trance Channels of our time.



There’s magic in you and you know it’s there...share it, allow it to it because it’s the only thing that makes sense.

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