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Red Eagle Universal

Riz & Oriah Mirza

Focus, Brand and Genre

Although we are multifaceted in our skillset in the psychic world, they are only FOCUSED on one area, the Paranormal psychic medium genre for now. We are all also excited that minoritity dark skinned talent (Indians included) are now first pick. We feel this is to our advantage in this current market. We feel the time is now.

The number of Paranormal shows existing, the built-in audience,  and requests for more shows in this genre is the main reasons we developed this show. Feedback from Netflix, Discovery +, and History gave us the direction for this. Over the last few years, we have been approached to do different types of shows, and we have held true to our vision, to create and co-produce our own show that we both star in. At this point, Dec 15, 2021, we have had the most interest and positive feedback on all fronts for our endeavors.

Our timeline, being we have been in the entertainment industry for decades in different capacities, we understand the nature of the beast and always strive to understand more, but what we do know is we want to move quickly now, at this juncture. Each talent hold agreement we have signed to is 6 months to a year and we are not interested in those long waits anymore. We have years of on-camera experience, podcast experience, hosting experience, group live events, high-pressure environment, and responsibility far greater than the majority of the new reality tv hosts you see on tv now. 

We have built our successful company as a psychic couple who are experts in the field of mediumship, trance channeling, and empathic talents. We have chosen to specialize in the Paranormal, and Haunted Love is the show we want to focus on and pursue. We have included information below on the paranormal production team we would like to start with, represented by A3 Agency. 

Please review all the substantiating evidence and content to show our experience, expertise and our branding strategy. I feel this will help you understand the simplicity in the nature of our brand, our show and our timeline.


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"Haunted Love"
Paranormal Reality Show

Created by Red Eagle Universal Inc.

Hosted by Psychic Medium Riz Mirza and Empath Intuitive Oriah Mirza.

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Former footage trailer -property of Lionsgate. 

Filmed in 2018, Riz took to the streets on Fairfax in Hollywood and did surprise mediumship readings to passer buyers. As you can see he has changed his appearance a lot. His mediumship sessions take place daily on private readings on the phone or in-person and weekly during group gatherings called 'Circle of Light'.He is known for his accuracy. 

He has done numerous paranormal house 'clearings.'

Oriah Empath/Intuitive

Naturally born with abilities

​Oriah Mirza is an author, speaker, shaman and trauma life coach, and mother of five grown children. Oriah has spoken around the world in Women's Leadership conferences, workshops, group retreats, and one on one private sessions. Oriah's journey is a heroic act of freedom.

​Oriah's strong desire to heal herself from pain and suffering led her to discover that human beings have an innate ability to decode and reprogram their own brain adding years to their lifespan and increasing their quality of life.

​Not only did she heal her own body and mind from violence and trauma, but she had a renewed and fully transformed life as a result. She has dedicated her life to helping others do the same. Her powerful desire to help others is felt and seen by those who have been helped by her for over 15 years. To watch her latest promo for her live streaming, go here. 

YouTube Channel created during Covid

House in the Woods
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Riz Trance Channeling

Full Trance Channel

Mystic Riz Mirza is known as the only full physical trance channel that can channel different known interdimensional Spirit Guides and give accurate and detailed individual messages to sold-out groups in over 2800 consecutive in-personal spirit gatherings called the  'Circle of Light'. 

Recorded channeling in public settings around the world in local event studios to private establishments to sacred sites for over 12 years, consecutively (even through Covid with Zoom) and holding the record for over five strait hours of "out of body" channeling to a packed event.