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We all know married power couples on TV are a huge hit, and in the paranormal space-we would be a unique one-of-a-kind approach. The show revolves around love stories, and Riz and I being married for 10 years on 11-11-2021, we bring our true love story and our decade of healing people with our psychic, mystic and shamanic healing skills. Riz, a psychic medium and one of the most unique and best full trance channels in the world and Oriah, a natural-born highly intuitive empath come together to help people help those who have crossed over or left a loved one behind in the living, find some resolve.

Riz, who speaks to people or spirits in other dimensions will help them move on to their next evolved place and Oriah will help the ones in the living 3D to find peace and resolve in the now help the Haunted situation, helping loved ones find peace.

The Temperament of the show: is based on true haunted love stories found in history, a true mediumship and peaceful resolve will be found for all. The show is warm and loving and healing. There will be light-hearted banter between Riz and Oriah

The Environment: The show will be filmed at night and made to feel haunted and somewhat spooky in the sense that there is unresolved torment and unrest from the unresolved love stories.

Unique Qualities: Riz and Oriah have been working side by side for ten years with the public and have a lot in common and both have strong personalities. Oriah loves to tease Riz and he is the more serious of the two. When Riz turns the tables on Oriah, there is no match because he is prone to surprises and cute pranks and a more focused sense of humor when he decides to be.

Haunted Love trailer will be ready by Dec 20th, 2021

Haunted Love Promo Trailers


Oriah Mirza 310-919-8198 

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