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Your life has just started.

There was a time in recent history that psychics, mediums, and trance channels were sought after only when you wanted to know about your destiny, where you will travel to, and when will you got married. Some people might have gone a bit deeper, but now in our current day and age, more and more people are turning to psychic intuition to find peace. The reason is that psychics can peer into probable futures, and understand the patterns of the past and the connections we make to those around us and how to find love again within when you think all else fails.  Good psychics can help you with this.


Psychic Riz Mirza is one of those gifted psychics. Based out of Malibu, CA his life began in New York as a heavy metal musician and after the grief of losing some family members, he began receiving messages and now 15 years later he has helped thousands of people in person, online, phone, and through numerous Masterclass video series, books, youtube shows and more as a psychic medium, trance channel and psychic medium.

Riz helps you find peace on your path, with your creations, and how you see life as a whole. To find out more about what people have said over the years go here. You came to the right place to begin to recenter yourself and to find peace, start with the Step-by-Step process below.

*Cultivated over ten years

with thousands of people

*Effective & real

*You will start a new life and find freedom and peace

Riz Mirza

Master Shaman Riz's Life-Changing
Program to Help You Find Peace

You don't have to live in panic when you understand the logic of Creation.


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Private Sessions

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Masterclass Video Series

Camel and Pyramids

International Retreats


Shaman Healing Work

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Books and free video classes

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Circle of Light
in-person gathering

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